Fighting the good fight against bugs, mice and other unwanted creatures isn’t glamorous work. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a hero to your customers while leaving competitors in the dust. Looking good (even better than those better-known guys who offer similar services) doesn’t have to leave you frazzled or create extra work around your offices.

In reality, implementing just a few changes will make you more attractive to customers and prospects—while also helping to smooth your internal processes and increase your revenue. If you do nothing else in the coming year, consider taking these actions:

1. Become a Well-Oiled (Automated) Machine.

More simply put, it’s time to automate your workflow! Now, we know what you’re thinking…but it’s not as daunting as it sounds. And once you go for it, you will be rewarded in spades. Customers appreciate when they can quickly sign off, pay with a credit card, get instant information on additional services, and receive confirmations and quotes via email and more! You will appreciate getting paid faster thanks to online payment options, recurrent billing capabilities, and accurate invoice tracking. And this is just the beginning! A great all-in-one software solution will grow with you, helping to close more deals, while consistently delivering 5-star service to your loyal customers!

2. Make ‘Em Feel Special.

It’s so simple, but so many companies don’t bother to go out of their way for customers. Making an effort to connect and accommodate the residents and businesses you serve will leave a lasting impression. Listen to their complaints and concerns, even when it’s frustrating or you’re pressed for time. Be willing to offer solutions to their problems. And fulfill special requests whenever possible. Without a doubt, communicating at this level is easiest when your workflow allows you to keep and refer back to detailed notes on each of your clients. See tip #1 and remember a specialized all-in-one solution with industry-specific functionality is key.

3. Don’t Be a Stranger.

Speaking with customers at their regularly scheduled service times or when they call to request help is ok. To be exceptional, however, you need to stay in touch. Keep customers informed of new services that they don’t yet know to ask for. Anticipate their needs based on weather conditions or seasonal changes. Offer complimentary services based on their current contracts. You should communicate in a similar way with prospects, increasing the chances that your timing will be just right for bringing them on board as a customer. A good CRM integrated within your management software should allow you to automate communications based on customer/prospect type, region, contract details, etc. The result: yours is the name that stays fresh in their minds!

4. Communicate and Follow Through.

When your business relies on field reps, you undoubtedly face unique scheduling challenges. Many factors can affect whether your technicians get to where they’re going when they’re supposed to be there. It’s no secret your brand reputation suffers when you don’t follow through on your promises. No-shows, late appointments, and miscommunications lead to lost revenue, bad reviews, and reduced customer retention. By managing everything through one interface—route optimization, GPS tracking, and driving behavior notifications—you increase the efficiency of your fleet, promote appointment punctuality, and reduce mishaps. Plus, with automated scheduling and communication tools, making and confirming appointments is easily accomplished. The right interface will give you full insight into each technician’s agenda, as well as customer cancellations. It’s the single best way to keep your office, field techs, and customers on the same page.

Isn’t it great when everyone is happy and you can easily make the right impression with clients and prospects? Integrating an industry-specific software solution like PestPac will positively impact your image and bottom line in big ways.

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