Whether you’re new to the pest control industry or have been around for years (or even decades!), taking the right steps to continuously scale your business is more important than you might think. Regardless of where your business is in its lifecycle, you should have the same goal – to boost your bottom line year-over-year.

Few things are scarier to a business owner than failing. If you’re not scaling your business, you’ll become stagnant and fail. Don’t let this happen to you! If you’re unsure how to scale your business, follow the steps below:

  1. See where you are financially. Once you’ve benchmarked your performance, it’s easier to determine where you want to be. Revenue – Expenses = Net Profit
  2. Identify pain points and invest in your business. When it comes down to it, the biggest pain points we often hear are lack of time, money and resources. Investing in resources (software, manpower or both) will often help you overcome the pain points you’ve identified.
  3. Set goals and be realistic. While it’d be nice to grow by 150% in the first year that you set these sort of goals, don’t set yourself up for failure by aiming too high. Set goals that work for you, whether they’re monthly, quarterly or yearly. While they can be a stretch, make sure you can realistically achieve them.

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Paula joined the Marketing team at WorkWave in April 2019. She is currently the Director Product Marketing - Pest, managing all aspects of the product marketing life cycle including campaign development, messaging, promotions, and market research for PestPac, Coalmarch and WorkWave Marketing products. She is dedicated to working closely with the Product, Sales, and other Marketing team members to ensure go-to-market plans and product adoption.