With a limited number of hours in a day, your staff can only do so much. Wouldn’t it be nice to cut down on the amount of manual processes needed to run your business? Whether you run a small or a multi-million dollar pest control business, automating your technicians’ day can do just that!

Without the help of a mobile app, your technicians have to come into the office to pick up their work orders or job lists for the day, adding unnecessary drive-time. From there, they have to manually track materials applied, collect payment, and provide handwritten inspection reports, invoices, and service orders for your customers.

Incorporating mobile technology into your technicians’ everyday routine will decrease manual processes for both technicians and office staff – ultimately increasing efficiency by 100%.

When researching your options, make sure the mobile application:

  1. Syncs in real-time with your pest control software
  2. Works for both iOS and Android devices
  3. Gives technicians the ability to access important customer information
  4. Provides turn-by-turn driving directions
  5. Allows techs to notify customers when they’re on their way
  6. Records material usage
  7. Allows you to add comments
  8. Securely accepts payments and customer signatures from their mobile device
  9. Allows you to email or print the inspection report, invoices and service orders from the field with enhanced offline printing
  10. Allows you to attach documents, pictures, and videos to emails
  11. Provides IPM & Termite functionality

Implementing a mobile application that works with your software gives your technicians the ability to start their day from home, increase productivity in the field, improve customer service, and reduce administrative time in the office!

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