Milkman has been leading the charge in last mile deliveries since 2015. Their success is built around two cornerstones: putting customers first and making smart investments in technology. By leveraging automation tools to remove the element of surprise and human error – they can focus more on their customers’ needs, wants, and experience.

They’ve essentially attacked Amazon’s Achilles heel by making it possible for businesses to add a human element to deliveries. With the help of the routing software from WorkWave Route Manager, Milkman is able to take hold of the the customer experience right at checkout by asking the customer to select a convenient delivery time, providing the option to pay more for same-day or next day delivery, and following through by providing constant updates once the delivery driver is en route. This helps to not only provide the white-glove touch to customers, but helps increase online conversion rates for eCommerce providers.

Milkman’s unique approach is winning the hearts of eCommerce businesses because they understand route plans are linked to customer experience.

While a consumer might be a “Prime” member, many are starting to realize it’s no longer special or elite. Two-day shipping is turning into a myth, with Amazon offering apologies through $5 credits or points towards books. They’re dropping the ball on last mile deliveries – but that’s where others can step in to win.

For delivery businesses that want to compete, take a page out of Milkman’s book and ask yourself “what do customers really want from a delivery provider?” The most common answer you’ll find is control. Let’s break it down further:

  • Choice: Let customers decide the delivery date and time window that works for their schedule during the check-out process.
  • Transparency: Provide real-time updates to customers throughout, alerting them on delivery times and sharing GPS positioning for a live ETA.
  • Flexibility: Allow customers to “reschedule” their delivery if for some reason their availability changes.

You’ll be surprised to find that 66% of customers agree that shipping plays a factor in how, where, and when they make purchases online. Consumers are placing more value on services you provide that give them power, control, and visibility into their delivery. Does your business need to take a new approach to routing?

Milkman’s strategy of making routing a premium service is one way to keep your customers coming back for more. This means when that when a customer makes selection on a time-window – they keep their promise and from that moment begin to share status updates. And, if by chance something throws the off the plan, they’re equipped to provide constant communication so that there are no surprises.

Wondering how this can be profitable? Just because you can give your customers exactly what they want doesn’t mean you need to throw efficiency out the window. Here’s how businesses can benefit with a route planning software like Route Manager powering their operations:

  • Save time – spend minutes planning routes or even rely on APIs to completely automate the process.
  • Save money – plan less miles, consume less fuel, minimize idle time, and drive less.
  • Keep customers happy – minimize rescheduling, arrive on time, and provide confirmation on delivery times (via 3rd party providers).

With Route Manager you can find a healthy balance between customer needs and efficiency. Our routing algorithm will respect every unique scheduling request (locations, time windows, working time, etc.) while minimizing costs.

As businesses migrate online and offer more choices to shoppers, it’s important that in addition to quality products you have to tools to allow you to differentiate your services. Whether through personal phone calls, rewards points, or friendly customer support – creating a connection online you can bring a brick-and-mortar feel to your online store.

Who are Milkman’s customers? Eataly, Nespresso, and Coop (Italy’s leading grocery retailer) are just a few who are leveraging their mobile app and delivery team to combat with the retail giants. Learn more about their success with Route Manager and how they are using routing APIs and route optimization software to stay ahead of the trends.