WorkWave Route Manager

How Milkman Uses Route Planning Software to Provide Customers with Transparency

WorkWave Route Manager

Providing customers with transparency and control over deliveries is critical for any last mile business to succeed.

Milkman launched their business knowing that route planning software would help them automate the process. Their strategy? Put customers’ needs first and extend white glove services with a smarter, more efficient route plan. With route automation tools working behind the scenes, you can decrease customer service calls, limit the chance for human error, and improve efficiencies across multiple departments.

Both the algorithm and flexible APIs of Route Manager’s cloud-based routing optimization software application allow Milkman to leverage real-time data that provides their customers with exceptional service and affordable deliveries. This makes it easy for their operations to manage expectations, while meeting commitments in the most efficient way.


arrival rate


  • customer service calls
  • reschedule requests
  • address issues


  • delivery options
  • customer satisfaction
  • accurate ETAs

Our strategy is to help merchants sell our delivery services by incorporating customer preferences in the check out process. By understanding customers’ needs early on,we are able to offer a better service: increase conversion rates, exceed customer expectations, and ensure on-time arrivals. It’s made possible with WorkWave Route Manager"

CEO-founder of Milkman
Antonio Perini

How to Leverage Routing as a

Be customer-centric. Ask when a delivery is necessary or provide flexibility to reschedule, change delivery address, or add-on items.

Make deliveries a value added service. If customers want more control, you can offer it for a premium. Milkman leverages Route Manager’s cost calculators to determine a fair delivery cost and confirm schedule availability via API.

Reduce chance of human error. Have more confidence and spend less time fixing problems.

Manage your day with agility. Adopting a mixed-demand approach allows you to meet delivery promises, while accommodating on-demand orders.

Live ETAs

Milkman leverages Route Manager’s Live ETAs feature to trigger real-time alerts on delivery time. It allows them to use real-time GPS tracking to increase transparency while giving customers the opportunity to reschedule delivery right up until the driver parks. This helps Milkman save time, save money, and maximize efficiency.

WorkWave Route Manager

Milkman leverages Route Manager's APIs to work with their own app.

Why WorkWave Route Manager

Your operation can leverage the benefits of Route Manager's app to dispatch routes, record proof of delivery, improve communication between teams, and more.