If you’re a delivery driver, you know how crucial it is to have the necessary equipment to help you deliver items quickly. However, things can change rapidly, and unforeseen situations like rush hour congestion, road works, and unfavorable weather might slow you down.

A delivery driver’s life will be less stressful if they’re ready for unexpected events and can respond appropriately. Leveraging GPS for delivery drivers is one method of getting more done in less time. We’ve compiled a list of the best GPS app for delivery drivers to simplify their work and guarantee on-time deliveries.

1. Google Maps


You can’t go wrong with Google Maps, which is why it’s among today’s most popular navigation tools. Many rely on the app’s intuitive design to get the latest traffic updates while on the road. The real-time traffic data permits users to make timely route adjustments.

The app’s popularity also stems from its precise directions and being accessible in more than 220 nations worldwide. However, its capacity to plan routes is somewhat restricted. You have a limit of up to ten stops and cannot automatically optimize your route based on your stops.

That implies you’ll need to pick your stops’ sequence manually. Nevertheless, it’s possible to eliminate that issue by integrating the app with route optimization software such as WorkWave.

2. Waze

Delivery drivers use their smartphones to make route plans because they must figure out how to reach each stop. Whereas popular apps like Google Maps permit you to add several stops, you might prefer a more straightforward method, and Waze is a top candidate.

The app has been in the market for years now, and since it uses crowd-sourcing, it assists you in dodging unanticipated obstacles such as traffic congestion or an accident. The fact that it’s user-generated means it can deliver this data far more quickly than Google Maps.

After inputting your starting and ending points, the app will recommend the most efficient route for you to take based on current traffic situations and available alternate routes. That way, you may plan your day’s itinerary and have everything in order before leaving the house.

Furthermore, the app notifies you of forthcoming tolls, the amount you’ll need to pay, and why the route appears less direct than the one you’d have chosen.

3. Apple Maps

apple maps gps app

Apple Maps is the standard mapping app across all of Apple’s operating systems. It’s the best navigation app for delivery drivers since it offers voice-guided turn-by-turn directions and alerts you of congestion and roadworks.

It estimates how long it will take you to get to your destination based on the following things:

  • Present location
  • Conditions on the road
  • Speed limit

The app reduces the likelihood of making a wrong turn or missing one by indicating the lane you should stick to.

Apple Maps keeps pace with its main rival, Google Maps, by regularly updating and upgrading its features and functionality. That includes navigation tools for nearby establishments.

4. HERE WeGo

It’s an open voice-guided GPS app that provides turn-by-turn directions. The app’s users can get help finding parking and utilize state-specific maps. The app details public transit options like buses and trains and provides information on bike routes.

The GPS app is a must-have for delivery drivers who frequent areas with unreliable cell service or have limited data plans. If your internet connection drops, you can switch to the app’s offline mode, download the map to your device, and continue navigating freely. 

With less storage space of around 200MB, users opt for HERE WeGo compared to other popular navigation services.

5. Sygic

sygic maps gps app

More than 200 million people worldwide use Sygic for their navigation needs. With helpful features like parking and traffic guidance, 3D maps, and gas price details, this GPS application is an excellent pick for delivery drivers.

The application is remarkable in many aspects. Besides a sign identification capability, it features a head-up display to see the navigation instructions right before you. The app’s compatibility with electric vehicles also adds to its appeal.

Since you can organize your routes around charging stations and pay for the services without leaving the app, it’s an excellent option for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

6. GasBuddy

Fuel costs are among the biggest expenses for delivery businesses. By being aware of gas prices, firms can maximize earnings and cut costs. GasBuddy is an excellent application for delivery drivers since it assists them in locating gas stations and comparing pricing.

That alleviates stress on the driver’s part when they can’t find a gas station on their own and saves time if they’re already running short. The app’s interface is interactive and easy to use. After downloading it, drivers may take advantage of discounts, accumulate points, and stand chances to win free fuel.

The app helps drivers find the best gas prices in a particular location by compiling data from many users. All you need to do is enter your current location, and a list of the nearby filling stations with the lowest prices will pop up.

The app records drivers’ patterns and advises on reducing their gas consumption. GasBuddy enables users to compare fuel prices in real-time in more than 140,000 gas stations across the United States and Canada.

7. Bing Maps


Bing Maps’ impressive capabilities make it a go-to tool for many delivery drivers who need to plan out multiple stops. It’s preferable to Apple Maps if you’re predominantly a PC lover. The GPS application is popular among major corporations thanks to its extensive APIs.

The app is among the fastest navigational tools since it lets you plan your routes to take you on less or no toll roads. It works by analyzing the location’s proximity to main roads and determining the best route.

The app offers real-time traffic information for 35 nations across the world. It also informs you of accidents and road closures. The forward and reverse geocoding feature allows you to find a specific address or search for a stop in a given area. It allows for the simultaneous processing of two hundred thousand geocoding requests.

Instead of manually keying in the full address, Bing Maps will suggest your destination as you type into the search bar. Combined with route optimization software, the application becomes a formidable choice for PC users.

8. TomTom

TomTom is one of the most reliable GPS applications available to delivery drivers. In addition, it provides more than one hundred voice assistance and offline maps for over 150 states.

The app provides users with up-to-date traffic updates, turn-by-turn directions (including lane changes), multi-destination route planning, and speed limit notifications. The app does have expensive subscriptions that provide ad-free navigation and access to additional features like drive-to images and car profiles.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, highways become congested, and the weather grows unpredictable. Furthermore, signposts have the potential to be deceptive or erroneous. In the face of such difficulties, there’s a need for dependable tools to improve road-use experience.

GPS for delivery drivers can assist with navigation, optimizing routes, communication, and reducing fuel expenses. Faster and less stressful deliveries mean a happier, more productive staff and satisfied clients. We hope our guide on the best GPS for delivery drivers provided helpful insights. 

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