Technicians employ an impressive level of knowledge and skill when it comes to repairing and installing garage doors. And if they have the right tools for their job, they can become even more effective. In this article, we will cover some of the essential garage door tools that will help your team of technicians succeed. 

Locking Pliers

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While there is a general list of tools you’ll need, there are also some specific garage door spring repair tools. One of the most useful tools for this task is a set of locking pliers.

Locking pliers are an important one of your garage door repair tools. As you repair a garage door, you are dealing with a lot of weight. The door itself is heavier than you might expect. And the garage door springs also carry a lot of tension. That’s why a pair of locking pliers is so helpful. They not only help you carry out your inevitable garage door spring repair jobs, but they also help you to do so safely as well. 

Open-Ended Wrench

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Whether you are repairing or installing a garage door, you will likely need to reach some tight spaces. This calls for the proper garage door tools that will allow you to do so. Among these tools is the open-ended wrench.

Especially during installation, you will need to fasten many metal components together with screws. An open-ended wrench is one of the best tools for that task. The open end allows you to tighten screws in narrow places. For garage door technicians, this is a very important capability that other sorts of wrenches do not offer. 

Philips Head Screwdriver

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When it comes to garage door tools, a Phillips head screwdriver is another valuable item. Many garage door components may connect via Phillips head screws. If you only have wrenches or flathead screwdrivers, you will be far less prepared. 

As with other items on this list, remember that you may need to work in small spaces and corners. With this in mind, it may be best to find a Phillips head screwdriver that is on the smaller side. Alternatively, you can search for Phillips head driver bits. Using driver bits can give you more flexibility in fastening different types of screws as you work. 


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A level is a vital garage door installation tool. As you install a garage door for the first time, there are many factors for you to consider. Among these is the goal of installing a garage door so that it is perfectly level. 

Having a level garage door helps the door to function correctly over time by ensuring all parts of the door are in alignment. A level is one of the best garage door tools to help you make sure that the door you are installing is as level as possible. 

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is one of the most useful garage installation tools. But it is also exceptionally helpful as a garage door repair tool. Whether you need to quickly make a hole or screw your materials together, you should always have a drill nearby.

Any drill will be of use to you. But a cordless drill will prove to be especially advantageous. Working on a garage door can require you to access some tight spaces. A drill with a long power cord is cumbersome as it can easily become tangled. Choosing a cordless drill eliminates that obstacle. With a cordless drill, you can move freely as you work. 

Winding Bars

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A winding bar may not be a familiar item to those with little garage door repair experience. However, they are one of the most useful garage door repair tools. Winding bars allow you to control the tension in the spring of your garage door. 

Controlling tension in garage door springs is a requirement of many repair projects. But it is also a safety factor. Because of this, winding bars should be a perennial member of your garage door spring repair tools kit. Without this tool, you will struggle to repair garage door springs safely. With a winding bar, you can add and release tension in garage door springs with little concern. 

Safety Equipment

Tools are important. However, they don’t come remotely close to the importance of your personnel. That is why it is critical to ensure that your technicians are safe as they complete their garage door repairs.

Give each of your technicians a durable pair of gloves. When working with garage doors and garage door repair tools, it is easy to leave your hand in a place where it can get pinched. Gloves can protect the technician’s hands in that case. Safety goggles or glasses should also be a part of your garage door toolset. Helmets are another piece of equipment you should not overlook. 

Step Stools

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Many important garage door components are overhead and out of reach. As a technician, you need to access these parts comfortably so that you can perform your work effectively. Including a step stool in your tool kit is a great way to ensure that the height of a garage door is not an issue.

A ladder will work well for this as well. However, many ladders on the market are far taller than what you would need to work on a garage door. That’s why opting for a step stool can be a better option. Step stools are typically more lightweight than ladders as well. That means they will allow you to reach everything you need to access without weighing you down. 

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The Next Step

Now you know about some of the most fundamental garage door tools. That means you are ready to search for the best products for each type of tool. As a first step, contact a garage door tools supplier. They are prepared to help you find the best set of tools for your needs. Soon you’ll be ready to give your technicians the best garage door tools on the market.

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