A great field service website will help customers find you online. Creating your own website is easier than ever before, thanks to site-building tools and templates, and your website will soon become one of the main channels for lead generation.

Here is what you need to know about why a business needs a website, and how to get started with creating your website.

  • What is the Purpose of your Site?

    For a majority of small businesses, a website is the equivalent of a digital business card. It’s your chance to tell prospective customers a little more about yourself, and the services you offer, and give them a reason to choose your business instead of competitors.

    Advertising a field service business is a little different from selling products. You need to establish a clear value proposition for what you offer and emphasize the results of using your services or the benefits of choosing your business. Take some time to ask yourself what sets your business apart from competitors to figure out what you should emphasize on your website.

    Establish credibility with your audience by sharing information about your credentials and the results you typically get. Your website should also deliver practical information about the services you offer. You can assist visitors in making the best decision possible by sharing some educational content that will help them choose the most relevant service.

    Keep in mind that visitors might be aware of an issue they have without understanding how your services can help. Writing blog posts that address issues and questions your audience is likely to have will help create that connection between the issues they are experiencing and your services.

    Your homepage should have some practical information that is easy to notice, including your phone number, address, and a link to a contact form. If you use an online tool for booking appointments, make that link easy to find. Use wording that encourages visitors to contact you or take another action.

  • Creating Your Website

    The first step in creating a website for your business is choosing a domain name. We recommend choosing a domain name that is easy to remember, and that allows your audience to identify your business right away. Keep your domain name short, and avoid abbreviations or acronyms that could be confusing.

    You will then need to choose a web host. Your web host will provide server space on which you can store your website and data. Check reviews to find a reliable web host to ensure that visitors can access your website without any issues.

    You can create your web pages from scratch, or use a site-building tool to assemble different elements. You can also use a template and personalize it with your text and images.

    Take some time to think about the architecture and navigation of your site. It’s best to create a unique page for each topic you need to cover and to provide convenient navigation options.

  • The Importance of SEO

    How do search engines determine which results to display when you look up a query? They use complex algorithms that look at different factors to identify the most relevant pages to show for a specific search.

    These factors include internal and external links to your site, your traffic, your page loading speed, your keywords, the information available about your website, and other elements.

    You can improve your ranking in search results by delivering a great user experience, getting authoritative sites to link to yours, and using the right keywords, among other strategies.

    Use the Google Keyword Planner tool to figure out which searches and keywords are relevant to your industry. One thing to keep in mind is that you can use keywords to target local customers. Make sure your website uses plenty of keywords that refer to your city, different neighborhoods, nearby landmarks, and other location-related keywords.

  • The Importance of Lead Generation

    The best service business websites become effective tools for lead generation. There are different ways you can use your website to generate leads:

    • Some of your visitors will be ready to use your services. These visitors will benefit from seeing your phone number or finding an online appointment booking tool. Make this information easy to find and use a strong call-to-action to encourage these visitors to reach out to you.

    • Some visitors will need more information and might not be ready to make a decision yet. Offer different ways of staying in touch, including a newsletter and social media profiles.

  • The Importance of Online Discoverability

    An effective SEO strategy will help you rank higher in search results, but there are other areas you should focus on to improve your online discoverability and get more traffic.

    Online reviews are important because 72% of customers won’t take action until they’ve had a chance to read reviews. Encourage existing customers to write reviews, claim your business listing on sites like Yelp or Foursquare, and don’t forget to claim your Google business listing. Add a link to your website on the different directories and review sites where your business is listed.

    Social media is another powerful tool you can use to make your business easier to discover. Create profiles on the platforms your target audience uses, and share practical information like your hours and contact information on your profiles.

    Post content with educational value, and use visual content like photos and videos to get more shares. Check your profiles regularly to answer questions and interact with your audience.

    Use Google My Business to claim your business listing on Google Maps and manage it. When you look for businesses or services, Google will often display a map with local business listings. Those results make your business easy to discover, but you need to claim your profile so you can add your hours, contact information, and a link to your website.

    WorkWave Agency specializes in helping service businesses develop their online presence and deliver the best experience possible. We can help you create a professional website that will make your business easy to discover and improve lead generation.

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Sean Del Galdo serves as a Digital Marketing Specialist here at WorkWave. After studying Management and Marketing at Monmouth University, Sean found a passion for SEO. Whether he’s watching sports, attending a concert, or seeing his clients succeed, there is always a smile on Sean’s face.