The relationship between your field service company and your customers is crucial, and it’s a relationship that’s defined by communication. The way you communicate — or don’t communicate — with your customers is a direct factor in their overall satisfaction and whether they choose to continue using your services or take their business elsewhere.

Communication Center by WorkWave puts you in control of customer communication across channels, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks and that customers always get the personalized attention they need. Communication Center achieves this with features focused on providing what we call the three Cs: convenience, communication, and customer service.


From the very first time you’re in contact with a potential customer, communication is always part of the job. When you’re constantly toggling between different apps, websites, and even devices trying to keep various forms of communication organized, though, it can feel like the entire job — and a big job, at that.

Communication Center allows you to see all of your customer communications in one place, regardless of channel. By tying communications to customer accounts, you not only save time toggling between platforms but also eliminate the need to spend time confirming a communication is, in fact, from a customer. With the Customer Information Panel, you know right away who the communication is from, see any communication history, and have the customer’s account details and service history in front of you so you can make quick, accurate decisions on how to respond.

PestPac’s full integration with Communication Center also means that carrying out activities like scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling service appointments never requires double work. Key details like the date, time, topic, and resolution of a given communication are automatically carried over to PestPac, keeping your entire team on the same page.

When communications need to be escalated, having all of that information streamlined allows you to take the next step without wasting your or the customer’s time rehashing the same details over again. Transparency across channels prevents anything from being missed, and also saves time otherwise spent bouncing between channels trying to piece together the details before taking action.

Of course, convenience shines through for your customers, too. By providing them with the option to communicate how they prefer, Communication Center boosts their satisfaction while reducing your team’s workload rather than adding to it.


The convenience that comes with communicating with customers in one centralized location is undeniable, but the benefits don’t stop there. Communication Center also allows you to communicate with customers more effectively.

By streamlining multiple communication channels into a single, understandable interface, Communication Center also solves the need for your team to master each channel’s platform individually. Instead, they simply handle interactions across platforms through Communication Center, ensuring that there’s no roadblock between your team and your customers. Reporting is provided for messages sent and messages delivered, helping to avoid confusion and ensuring your message gets across.

Communication Center also allows you to communicate with customers in ways you couldn’t before, like two-way SMS text. Texting is no longer siloed as a separate form of communication that requires customers to call in if they need to reply to a message. Instead, customers receive your text — studies show that 60% of customers check their texts within 1-5 minutes — and can reply to it, significantly improving response time for service notification confirmations since texting is a method they already prefer and are comfortable with.

Customer Service

From a customer perspective, clear communication with a service provider isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a necessity. If your approach to communication leaves something to be desired, customers are sure to feel like just another number in the ledger and are likely to start looking for a provider that treats them the way a valued customer should be treated. On the flip side, the prompt, personalized communication that Communication Center provides makes your company notably easier for customers to do business with.

When your team is able to approach customer communication armed with the relevant customer and service data, they can provide a personalized experience and, in most cases, answer questions or resolve issues in a single interaction. In turn, customers are more likely to be satisfied, provide recurring revenue by contracting for more services, and even refer more customers to your business.

Customer relationships can be a challenge to balance, but they don’t have to be. Let Communication Center put you in control of your communications and start reaping the benefits of streamlined communication across channels today.


Danielle McCarthy joined the WorkWave team in 2018 as Senior Product Marketing Manager for WorkWave PestPac. Today, she serves as our Product Marketing Manager for Alliances and Campaigns across WorkWave PestPac, Payments, Route Manager, and Service as well as supporting our Resellers.