In an age of increasing speed, where information and service are readily available at the tap of a finger, the most successful companies are focusing on how to make themselves easy to do business with. For field service businesses like HVAC companies, lawn care companies & others, a positive customer experience is emerging as a key differentiator in thriving companies.

Here are some of the top trends being adopted by companies who are looking at how to improve their customer experience to drive revenue and retain top talent:


Adopting mobile can solve some major tactical challenges and aid in strategic decisions for business success. From daily tasks including scheduling, customer history, and GPS location of technicians to see who is nearby, mobile is fast proving one of the quickest ways companies can improve the quality of customer experience and business productivity. If your software company offers a native mobile app, like WorkWave Service, then you can take advantage of a product that is optimized for speed, accessibility, and ease of use.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting equipment in the field to a technician’s mobile device and the office in real time will result in more proactive and less reactive services. Diagnostics and metrics gathered in the field will start preventing problems before they arise, and alerting technicians to resolve issues before the customer may even know there is a problem.

Cloud-based Solutions

More companies will move from paper-based manual methods of business management and adopt cloud-based field service management software solutions to optimize scheduling, workforce management, accounting, mobile, back-office, vehicle tracking, inventory management, and sales and marketing.

End-to-End Platforms

Keeping up to date with the latest technology can be confusing and making sure they all integrate is critical. More and more companies are looking for one provider to deliver everything they need to run their business from end to end.

Advanced Analytics

More and more data is being collected today than ever before. But data collection in itself is useless. Sophisticated analytics turns data collected from mobile in the field, equipment sensors, GPS, etc to provide insights on individual productivity, service quality, company performance, and where gaps exist for more efficient, productive, and valuable service. Companies looking to stay ahead are looking closely at this data.


A business that shares data and encourages collaboration across departments will realize more opportunities to increase revenue through upselling, realizing contract renewals, and improving customer satisfaction.

Company Culture

Retaining top talent continues to be a key differentiator for the most successful companies. Companies that find out what challenges their employees are facing, and invest in the tools and technology to get the job done, help retain valued employees and attract the younger generation. Successful companies are looking to demonstrate to employees a commitment to a better and healthier environment.

More customers are using their mobile devices to solve their every question, and they’re online 24/7. Mostly, they know about your business already (either by personal recommendation, social media or maybe reading your blog or checking out your website) and by the time they contact your business, they’re ready to engage. The speed and personalization of your business response are ever more critical. The trick for surviving in 2017 is making sure your field service organization is equipped to manage the customer experience from end-to-end with extra care, efficiency, and superior service to stay ahead of your competitors.


As WorkWave’s Senior Director of Product Management, Field Service, Kerry McCane serves as an industry strategist for the HVAC, cleaning, and lawn and landscape industries.