In every competitive field service industry it’s more important than ever to properly market your services to potential customers. While a lot of focus is rightfully placed on local search and organic SEO, a marketing strategy that combines organic efforts with paid marketing (SEM) can provide multiple benefits for your business. We refer to this as the ‘Lift Factor,’ the positive momentum resulting from a combined SEO/SEM strategy when one company manages both efforts and shares research, findings, and optimization strategies.

Let’s explore the benefits a combined strategy can provide your business:

More Visibility

An integrated SEO/SEM strategy will result in more exposure on search engine results pages (SERPs). Dominating search results not only drives more traffic to your site, it also builds your reputation as an established presence in pest control/field service.

For a more in-depth look, check out our complete guide to pest control SEO.

Shared Keyword Research Findings

Running paid and organic campaigns provides you with more data to analyze. SEM can be used to help test new keywords and successful keywords can then be used for a longer-term SEO play. This results in quicker Keyword-Based Optimization due to sharing intelligence on keyword conversion and traffic generation.

Combat Negative PR/Reviews

SEO and SEM can be used to control the story being told about your company. Controlling the organic and paid results for a particular term allows you to guide the conversation and perform damage control if needed.

One noteworthy example of this strategy is the 2010 BP oil spill. Faced with both an environmental and brand crisis, BP began bidding on the search term “oil spill,” driving users to a webpage with positive messaging regarding their response efforts.

Efficient A/B Testing

A/B testing of varying ad copy helps determine what is working best for your company. Split testing of landing pages allows you to see which is driving the most leads.

  • One Website for both SEO and SEM – allowing for better conversion rate analysis
  • Predictive, Data-Driven Analysis
  • Publisher Vertical Recognition in Pest Control/Field Service
  • A wider net cast over your markets
  • Expanded reach into new markets quickly (SEM)
  • Development of new content and new ranking opportunities
  • Incorporating social media info into ad targeting (i.e. rolling data into SEO strategy)

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