If you’re looking to start a franchise business, or if you’re currently a franchisee, it’s important to establish and maintain consistency across all branches. By building a strong reputation and brand recognition, you’ll attract more customers and continue growing your franchise empire. In this blog post, we’ll go over the top five points that enable you to maintain consistency across all franchise locations. Let’s dive in!

1. Standardized Training

Standardized training programs give your franchisees the skills they need to run sustainable stores that boost your brand’s reputation and profitability. Some of the benefits of having standardized training include a boost in sales, improved prospecting and employees who are ready to commit to top-quality service and performance. 

2. Franchise Calculations 

The franchise royalty fees you pay (or collect, if you’re the franchisor reading this) on a monthly basis are what keeps the franchise running. While you may be paying anywhere from 3% to as much as 25% of your revenue to the franchisor, you also have experts available to help your business grow. You won’t need to personally direct and invest in research and development campaigns for new products, marketing approaches or sales tactics. 

3. Good Communication 

A franchise relationship is like any long-term relationship: in order to succeed, both sides need to be willing to listen and work together. Effective communication builds support and buy-in of new ideas and concepts. It also gives the franchisee a reason to share their ideas and thoughts. Some of the most successful concepts, advertisements and services have originated from a franchisee. From the franchisor perspective, it’s a waste to lose out on taking the next big thing system-wide simply because you did not have an effective communication system in place. 

4. Branding 

One of the goals of any successful brand strategy is to evoke an emotional connection with the target audience. It’s wise for franchisors to invest in excellent quality market research and brand building as well as maintain continuous communication with franchisees on the overall goals of the brand message. 

5. Local Market Adoption 

Whether the franchise is regional or national, franchise branches need access to tools that enable them to thrive in their local markets. As an individual branch, the franchisee needs a certain level of freedom to properly serve its unique community. For example, it’s important to recognize that there may be cultural differences that would attract or deter target customers that come from different towns. The key is to maintain a unified franchise brand message while also adapting to the needs of each specific community. Strive to meet customers where they’re at, and position the brand as the proven solution to their problem — which may mean highlighting different aspects of the business in different locations. 


Software applications are vital to streamlining franchise operational management. Certainly, it is difficult for you to ensure every franchisee is operating according to your company’s standards, especially if you already have many branches. However, if you think that maintaining standard operation is a challenge, then look no further. There is one application that can help you transform the traditional franchise supervision process into a more practical and modern solution, whether in a painting company or a delivery business. Schedule your demo with Service by WorkWave today. 


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