One of the most challenging aspects of being a contractor is consistently finding new leads to build and grow your client base. Knowing how to generate leads is a critical component of your marketing plan. Knowing where to advertise your services is almost as important as garnering reviews in today’s online market.

Fortunately, there are lots of great websites out there that make connecting with potential new customers a breeze. You’ll find several options to choose from in a range of price points and services.

Before we get into some of the best lead-generation websites for contractors, let’s talk about how to choose the right site for you and your business.

Which Lead Generation Site is Right for You?

No two contractor lead generation companies are the same. Some are more focused on real estate transactions and home services (such as moving), while others run the gamut from dog walkers to lawnmowers to major renovation projects.

First, review the services you offer to determine where they fit within the market, and then find a few of your competitors. Check out their website (if they have one) and look them up on some of these sites.

If they look like they’re getting many leads, then that site could be a great fit for your company. You can use the number and quality of reviews to determine what engagement might be like for you on that site.

Choosing the Best Lead Generation Site for Your Budget

If you’re new to using an online lead service for contractors, you should decide beforehand how much you’re willing to spend as some sites can get expensive.

Some lead generation sites are free or offer a free version. Others have all-inclusive memberships (which may save you money year to year if you generate a high volume of leads) or a price-per-lead model. Determine how much you could profit per lead, then decide if the investment is worth it for you.

When in doubt, start with a free version (if the site you choose has one available). This option gives you a chance to get a feel for the website and the experience before shelling out your hard-earned cash. If the site only has paid options, choose the one that is per-lead for the first few months. You can always switch to an annual membership later.

Make the Time for Your New Lead Generation Site

Once you’ve decided a contractor lead generation company is right for you, make sure you schedule a little time each day or week to follow through. Creating an account means nothing if you don’t keep your profile updated and stay in touch with clients to have more reviews.

The more reviews you can get clients to leave on your chosen site or sites, the more likely you are to generate additional leads in the future. These sites don’t do the work for you. They offer a well-designed platform to make connecting with new clients a breeze.

Lead Generation Sites For Contractors Worth Checking Out

Now that you have a better idea of what you’re looking for in a lead generation site check out this list of sites to see how they compare.

Angie’s List

Not many people haven’t heard of this site, thanks to a series of popular television commercials. All of this publicity makes Angie’s List a solid choice for your business, as it boasts over 5 million members.

This site, which also has an app, lets members search for, hire, and review service providers in their area. They offer more than 700 categories of specialization, including health care, auto services, and home repair, meaning finding a place for your niche is simple.

Choose this site if you’re looking for a site that’s free to join. Once you’re a registered member, you can take advantage of some of their great features, like showcasing your best projects to show potential clients you’re right for the job or requesting feedback and reviews from clients to build your business’s credibility.

With Angie’s List, you can locate commercial and residential clients. However, residential clients are more common and are often a mix of homeowners and property managers. One downside is that you can’t modify your profile to show client reviews upfront, which may discourage clients who are looking for a quick overview of past experiences.

Unlike the other sites, which allow clients to search through a list of service providers and choose one, Angie’s List will refer a contractor to the client based on their job requirements.

The Breakdown

Here’s a quick overview of what Angie’s List brings to the table.

  • Pricing: They have options from free to $99 a year.
  • Advertising: Available to those with a Gold membership.
  • SEO Visibility: Angie’s List offers high visibility for their businesses.
  • Top Industries: Your company is likely to do well if you offer one-off services such as pool services, cleaning, painting, electrical, roofing, HVAC, or plumbing.


HomeAdvisor is another popular and well-known lead generation site that is an excellent choice for contractors. They use filters like location preferences, service type, and availability to help clients choose the best contractor for the job.

This lead generation site is a solid choice because it helps you build your online presence, which is crucial in today’s virtual market. It’s an easy-to-use site for clients, meaning your business has the potential for lots of views.

HomeAdvisor offers more than twenty years of experience based on providing the best possible experience for both clients and contractors. You’re practically guaranteed to find clients who are ready to get started, and so don’t have to waste time with clients who are just window shopping.

With HomeAdvisor, you can find residential and commercial projects, but residential clients are more popular and are typically homeowners. One great feature is that you can display your client reviews upfront, meaning clients who care about others’ experience with you will be more likely to select you for their project.

This site lets the client look through a list of available contractors to choose one they feel is best, unlike some sites that refer contractors to the client based on job requirements.

The Breakdown

Here’s a quick overview of what HomeAdvisor brings to the table.

  • Pricing: HomeAdvisor is one of the pricier options, ranging from $15 to $100 per lead. If you prefer an annual membership, you can join for $300 (which is likely to save you money if you generate many leads).
  • Advertising: They offer a few extra profile features to contractors with a membership.
  • SEO Visibility: HomeAdvisor offers excellent visibility for contractors.
  • Top Industries: You’re well-suited to this site if your focus is on large home services or home improvement projects like roofing, windows, flooring, general contracting, and remodels.


Porch is another reliable site for contractors looking for lead generation. You’re able to create and customize your profile to showcase your reviews, previous projects, credentials, and expertise.

There is a range of great choices, like controlling how far you’re willing to travel, what kinds of projects you can do, and choosing which payment method works best for your business.

With Porch, you’ll get commercial and residential clients. Residential clients are more popular and a mix of real estate agents, property managers, and homeowners. One downside is that you can’t display your reviews upfront.

Unlike most sites, Porch will refer contractors to the clients based on the client’s job requirements instead of letting clients scroll through a list of available matches.

The Breakdown

Check out this short overview of what Porch offers to contractors.

  • Pricing: You can either set a budget or pay per lead. Porch also offers annual memberships for $360 (you only pay $260 your first year).
  • Advertising: They don’t offer anything currently, but they have plans to offer options to members in the future.
  • SEO Visibility: Porch has lower visibility than other lead-generating sites.
  • Top Industries: Porch is a solid choice if your business or services focus on moving, general contracting, or home improvement.


TaskRabbit is an excellent choice for contractors who prize flexibility. You can offer services in more than fifty categories, choose your work area, and set your own hours. Not to mention you have complete control over your rates (though if you’re not sure, TaskRabbit makes a suggestion based on what others in your area charge).

With TaskRabbit, you’ll find residential clients who need help completing quick tasks, such as assembling furniture or hanging a portrait. A great feature is that you can display your reviews upfront, which will help you find more clients.

Like with most lead-generating sites for contractors, TaskRabbit lets clients search through a list of available service providers to find the best suited to their task.

The Breakdown

Here’s a quick list of what you get if you choose TaskRabbit.

  • Pricing: TaskRabbit makes this simple. You pay a $25 registration fee.
  • Advertising: They offer this to Taskers who reach Elite status.
  • SEO Visibility: TaskRabbit has less visibility for contractors than other sites.
  • Top Industries: This site is best suited for handyman businesses.


With millions of customers looking for help, you’re sure to have success generating new leads on Thumbtack. Clients see ratings, profiles, and results in real time, making it easy to connect and get started on the job.

To appear in searches, you need only set up some target preferences (to be matched with the right customers) and get at least one review from a previous client).

With Thumbtack, you’ll have access to both commercial and residential clients, though residential clients are more common and can be looking for nearly anything to be accomplished.

Like other lead generation sites, Thumbtack gives clients the ability to scroll through available contractors to choose the one that’s right for them.

The Breakdown

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll get with Thumbtack.

  • Pricing: You pay for each lead. The amount varies, based on the cost of the job and where you live.
  • Advertising: Options are available for those with Pro status.
  • SEO Visibility: Thumbtack has lower visibility than other sites for contractors.
  • Top Industries: You are likely to do well if you offer small, one-off projects or regular services such as HVAC, plumbing, dog walking, painting, lawn care, or cleaning.


While many people may hear Yelp and immediately assume restaurant reviews, this lead generation tool can be a great accessory for contractors looking to grow their business. 

One amazing feature is that you can claim and set up your profile for free (and you should since Yelp receives millions of visitors each month).

With Yelp, you will find residential and commercial clients, though residential clients are more popular and can be nearly any person looking for a wide range of services.

Like with other sites, Yelp allows clients to search for contractors and choose the one they feel is best for their project.

The Breakdown

Check out this list of what Yelp offers to contractors.

  • Pricing: Yelp charges anywhere from $0.30 to $30+ per click. If you’d prefer, you can go with the Enhanced Profile for $90 per month.
  • Advertising: Options are available on a cost-per-click basis.
  • SEO Visibility: Yelp has high visibility for contractors.
  • Top Industries: You will do well on Yelp if you offer regular services or small one-off projects like HVAC, plumbing, dog walking, painting, lawn care, or cleaning.

Final Thoughts

It is paramount to remember that using an online lead service for contractors should be just part of your marketing plan and growth strategy.

Don’t stop after just creating an account and logging in when you remember it or need more work. If you stay on top of these sites and pursue reviews and feedback, lead-generation sites can do wonders to help your contractor business grow.

If this seems daunting, don’t fret. Choose one site and start small. Over time, your confidence in online lead generation will grow, and you may end up ‘choosing’ your new clients.

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