Owning your own residential cleaning business or commercial cleaning business comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to brand and market your business to stand out, and once you have reached clients, bidding and negotiating skills will help to sustain and improve your company’s income.

Reading about the latest trends will also help you stay competitive. Today’s clients look for everything from cleaning to prevent illness to sustainable cleaning and green cleaning supplies. These best commercial cleaning books provide valuable information to grow your cleaning business and become a profitable business owner.

Get Started

Many businesses today offer janitor books in hard or softcover and also as e-books. You can download an ebook directly from an author’s website or on a third-party site like Amazon or Barnes & Noble. E-books are often less expensive than paper books and more frequently updated.

Whether you prefer paper books or e-books, look for highly-rated titles that give information you can take with you like:

  • Sample business plan models
  • Sample Client Service Agreements
  • Applications for insurance
  • Human resources forms

These work plans and forms will save you time and money spent trying to develop them on your own or work with a lawyer or third party to create them for you.

The 8 Best Cleaning Business Books

These best commercial cleaning books and cleaning business books provide insider information to help you thrive as a business owner.

1. How to Start a Cleaning Business: Your Guide to Generating $2,000+ Income in 30 Days or Less by Brian James

If you are getting started in the cleaning business industry, “How to Start a Cleaning Business” provides a comprehensive, actionable plan to get you going. Author Brian James is an expert in the field and owns his own cleaning business. He offers first-hand tips, tutorials, and takeaways to grow your business.

This top-rated book is a quick read with straightforward tips. Many readers have been motivated to start their own cleaning businesses after reading this book.

2. Green Cleaning by The Janitorial Store

Recently, there has been a shift toward environmentally conscious products and how to go green, and cleaning is not an exception. Many individuals and business owners are becoming more aware of the potential impact of certain cleaning products being flushed down drains or thrown away after use.

“Green Cleaning” is an E-book in a series of janitor books created to help cleaning business owners gain a better understanding of what it means to offer green cleaning services, why you should make the switch, and products and best practices you can put into place to go green.

3. Creative Marketing: How To Sell More, Get High Prices, and Develop Your Business to Success by Dr. Yaniv Zaid

Understand the basics of building your business. Learn to develop your marketing strategy to reach potential clients outside of your existing network and how to grow your cleaning business, even in a saturated market.

Even though this book is not specifically for the home and commercial cleaning industry, it provides innovative branding and marketing strategies to develop a leading cleaning business. “Creative Marketing” illustrates best practices to grow your business.

4. Start and Run a Successful Cleaning Business: The Essential Guide to Building a Profitable Company by Robert Gordon

This book will give you a comprehensive overview of how to set up your cleaning business. Learn how to build a successful cleaning business from an industry insider who has years of experience growing a cleaning business.

“Start and Run a Successful Cleaning Business” walks you through the process of establishing a new business, including:

  • Establishing business services
  • Gaining new clientele
  • Training a qualified staff
  • Keeping customers satisfied
  • Staying ahead in a competitive industry

5. Start and Run a Home Cleaning Business by Susan Bewsey

Running a home cleaning business can be a lucrative opportunity. The popularity of the Airbnb and rental home industry has ushered in a new network of potential clientele. Large home cleaning companies have grown to be worth millions, and by following these steps, you can establish a successful business.

“Start and Run a Home Cleaning Business” provides information on small business management like partnerships and staffing and also industry tips like the fundamentals of cleaning. This latest edition has been updated recently to include current trends and information to provide valuable insight into starting your home cleaning business.

6. Start Your Own Cleaning Service: Maid Service, Janitorial Service, Carpet and Upholstery Service, and More by Jacquelyn Lynn

“Start Your Own Cleaning Service” is one of the top-rated janitor books because it breaks down everything that clients will pay to have cleaned. Understand how developing a niche can separate you from your competition.

Develop a business plan and put it into action. This book will teach you everything you need to set up a home or commercial by offering advice on obtaining start-up funds, choosing suppliers, establishing human resources best practices, and negotiating the best deals for your business.

7. How to Start, Run and Grow a Successful Residential & Commercial Cleaning Business by Maria Carmen

Residential and commercial cleaning businesses are similar but have their differences. Understand these differences and which business model sounds best for you. You will also learn how to start your business on a budget and whether you should purchase a franchise or start an independent company.

“How to Start, Run and Grow a Successful Residential & Commercial Cleaning Business” provides valuable takeaways like a sample Business Plan, Service Client Agreement, LLC Operating Agreement, and HR forms that you can use immediately.

8. The DO’s and DON’Ts of Contract Cleaning From One Who DID and DIDN’T by Richard D. Ollek CBSE

Whether you are starting a new cleaning business or got stuck trying to grow your business, this book provides suggestions on how you can overcome obstacles and grow your company. This book is written to be an easy-to-read tool that is clear and conversational.

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Reading Is the Key to Success

The cleaning business industry is a lucrative one, but it can be hard to break into. Understanding where to network, how to market yourself, and reliable negotiating techniques will give you an edge over the competition.

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