Walker Environmental

Walker Environmental, a division of Walker Industries, is a leading waste management and resource recovery company. The company operates two landfills, a waste transfer facility, six biosolids stabilization plants, two composting facilities, four organics collection and recycling facilities, several landfill gas renewable energy projects in Ontario and Manitoba, and a waste haulage company.

Founded: 1887


Waste Management

Areas Served

Ontario and Manitoba

WorkWave Solutions

WorkWave® Route Manager APIs

Why WorkWave Route Manager APIs?

We knew WorkWave Route Manager APIs provided us with all the functionalities needed to build the auto-routing system. They have a solid base for the output, a good mix of features, performance and price. Since implementing, I’ve found that we don’t have to worry anymore. We can match the demand to the supply and we save time.

Thierry Senecal, Software Developer

The Challenge

Walker Environmental wanted to replace their in-house routing solution and increase the efficiency of their Organics Collection and Recycling operations. In addition, they wanted their customer service representatives (CSRs) to focus on helping customers, not solving logistics issues.

The Solution

By connecting WorkWave Route Manager APIs into their system Walker Environmental is able to speed up the process and apply their team’s skills in better ways.


  • Routing dynamically: It’s possible to reevaluate the whole situation, determine what work is needed and what resources are available. Then they can rebalance.
  • Make small changes quickly: Time-to-solution has improved and CSRs can be on the phone with a customer, fit in the order and solve the problem faster.
  • Have confidence in output: WorkWave generates realistic and accurate results – saving time and minimizing frustration.
  • Access to Technical Support team: If any questions arise, WorkWave’s team is always willing to help, provide a real answer and explain the process.

The technical support team is extremely thorough and open. They hold nothing back and share information freely but are also understanding and open to constructive criticism. It’s phenomenal and makes my job so much easier. I get to understand their thought process as they gladly explained a number of features down to the mathematical formulas that drove them internally.”

Thierry Senecal, Software Developer

How Walker Environmental Connects WorkWave Route Manager’s APIs Into Their Organics Collection and Recycling Operations:

  • APIs connect into their Auto-Routing system to automatically build a routing baseline each night. It looks at all available trucks, technicians and work orders and creates or updates a schedule covering routes for the following 14 days. 
  • In the back-end, Walker Environmental’s Organics Collection and Recycling operations’ system assigns a truck to each technician for each shift as well as determines the start time and work to be performed during the shift. 
  • CSRs review the data and make any necessary last-minute adjustments to cover events such as truck mechanical issues, a sudden change in shift length or a technician calling in sick. If they need to make an adjustment, their system will leverage the APIs to automatically rebalance the entire schedule to accommodate the adjustment made. 
  • Their system then uses WorkWave Route Manager APIs to provide improved solutions for single route adjustments that occur during a shift, for example, a cancelled service call or a request for an emergency service. The APIs determine how best to fill in gaps or fit in additional service calls.

What WorkWave Route Manager APIs Can Do for Your Business

The APIs support agility and allows your team to react, respond and route faster. Remove the manual process needed to generate the desired output and can drastically increase your efficiency. Enabling WorkWave Route Manager APIs into your existing business can help free up your time and improve customer service, employee happiness and even drive growth for your operations.

Benefits of WorkWave Route Manager APIs:

  • Unlimited, free usage 
  • Unlimited technical support
  • Public documentation with code examples
  • Proof of concepts can be provided 
  • Change and feature requests are accepted
  • Versioned: backward compatibility is guaranteed 
  • Secure: SSL asymmetric encryption is fully supported

Examples of WorkWave Route Manager APIs:

  • Trigger SMS or email notifications to your customers
  • Automate actions, like closing invoices or updating customer files
  • Generate custom reports with routing data, like planned vs. actual comparisons

What Makes WorkWave Route Manager APIs SO POWERFUL?

  • Well-documented API: easier and faster integration
  • APIs are current and well maintained: all changes are reflected in web app and API
  • Integrate any 3rd party software or platforms: automate daily tasks (like import orders, generated reports, trigger notifications)

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