Working with a courier service to carry out last-mile prescription delivery, PharmScript wanted to analyze routes and ensure that deliveries were being completed as efficiently as possible. Using Route Manager 360, PharmScript has been able to accurately project routes, prioritize efficiency, and virtually eliminate customer complaints.

Read on to learn more about how PharmScript uses Route Manager 360 to streamline their operations while delivering crucial vaccines and medications.

Founded: 2009

Services Provided

Pharmacy services for long-term and post-acute care facilities

Areas Served

18 facilities nationwide serving 24 states

WorkWave Solutions

WorkWave® Route Manager 360™

About PharmScript

Founded by nursing home administrators and pharmacists, PharmScript was created to alleviate the challenges that care facilities face when it comes to managing their pharmaceutical supplies. For over a decade, the company has been working closely with long-term and post-acute care facilities to ensure that residents and patients have access to the medications they depend on.

PharmScript’s commitment to pharmacy excellence and its client-centric approach has sparked growth for the company, which has expanded to include 18 pharmacy locations across the country serving thousands of residents and patients in 24 states. PharmScript has also played a role in delivering COVID-19 vaccinations as part of Operation Warp Speed in Illinois, Indiana, New York, Ohio, and Texas.

Route Manager 360 is much smoother. The UI is much easier. The UI and the way you can dynamically change a lot of the variables on the map really helped us, and it was a surefire bet.

The Challenge

Working with courier services to carry out last-mile prescription deliveries, PharmScript found that it didn’t have a way to analyze deliveries and ensure that deliveries were being completed as efficiently as possible. Rather than just receiving proposals and maps from the courier, the company wanted to begin using an in-house tool that would allow it to explore options to make its orders for deliveries more efficient.

Without any firsthand knowledge of transport and logistics or what software was available, PharmScript began to explore its options by testing out a number of different delivery planning software providers, but it quickly found that user interface (UI) and application programming interface (API) issues from other providers prevented it from achieving the results they were looking for. As a result, the PharmScript team continued their search for the right tool for their needs.

We were able to explore what the tool does in a few days. On day three, we were ready to subscribe to Route Manager 360.

The Solution

After being referred to WorkWave Route Manager 360 by a colleague, PharmScript Business Operations Associate Keith Manansala decided to reach out to WorkWave. He was invited to try the software to assess how Route Manager 360 could benefit PharmScript. Right away, the software proved to be quite different than the other options PharmScript had tried. After testing Route Manager 360 for just a couple of days, the PharmScript team recognized the value immediately.

Since using Route Manager 360, PharmScript has been able to accurately project how its courier services should be making their deliveries and ensure that efficiency is at the core of every choice it can make to lower its courier costs without a lot of manual planning. Having access to a wealth of verifiable information and maps, it was able come up with several strategies to lower its delivery costs.

As a result, PharmScript has also seen improvements in customer satisfaction—a crucial element for any company delivering goods for something as important as prescription medication and vaccines. With Route Manager 360’s projected ETAs, PharmScript is able to keep customers informed on when they can expect their deliveries and inform them immediately when learning of changes.

The Results

No Customer Complaints

since projecting ETAs

Anticipate Any Changes

and able to project delivery times

Easily Capable

of scrutinizing proposals to develop more efficient delivery options

Deeper Insight

into operational data

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