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Discover how FreshPath Logistics, a leading Canadian delivery service, transformed its operations with RouteManager. Through seamless integration and customizable features, FreshPath optimized last-mile delivery, scaled operations, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Founded: 2018

Services Provided

Temperature-controlled last mile delivery

Areas Served

Alberta, Canada

WorkWave Solutions

RouteManager by WorkWave™

About FreshPath

Formerly known as The Organic Box with “logistics” being just an arm of the business, FreshPath Logistics has become so much more than a logistics company. Specializing in B2B solutions, FreshPath offers temperature and non-temperature-controlled storage for short or long-term storage, cross-docking services, production management, natural and organic food retail, web development services and so much more. They are a leader in their industry offering almost every food-logistics solution to hundreds of clients and retailers across Canada.

RouteManager allows for the level of customization that we need to tailor the routes to our specific business and industry.

The Challenge

FreshPath Logistics, a Canadian company specializing in temperature-controlled last-mile delivery to residential areas, faced several challenges in its operations. We had the opportunity to speak to the operations manager, Matthew Paulson, who told us that before integrating a comprehensive routing solution into their system, they utilized a hybrid approach with off-the-shelf software and a custom-built engine for routing.

The business specializes in delivering a variety of products, including internal business lines and e-commerce orders for Calgary Coop, alongside other third-party clients ranging from multinational corporations to small businesses. Their expertise lies in temperature-controlled last-mile delivery to residential areas, facilitated by a fleet of Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter vans equipped with dual temperature climate zones.

This enables them to cater to the diverse needs of their clients, ensuring the seamless delivery of goods from e-commerce websites directly to customers’ doorsteps. Their previous route planning system proved to be costly and difficult to maintain, and they were ready for a more effcient solution to support the business as it grew.

The integration between the Driver Mobile App and the back-end software, as well as the ability to customize the software natively, is what allows us to use the software in a way that most benefits our business.

The Solution

FreshPath turned to RouteManager to streamline their routing and logistics operations. RouteManager offered a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrated with their existing systems.

FreshPath’s logistics operations differ from traditional long haul or city trucking due to handling smaller loads and a higher volume of packages per stop. The seamless integration between their routing team’s back-end software and drivers’ front-end application is crucial.

Key features, such as customizable fields, seamless collaboration between the back-end routing software and front-end driver application, and a user-friendly interface, made RouteManager an ideal choice for FreshPath. With the ability to handle temperature-controlled deliveries and optimize routes for residential areas, RouteManager addressed the unique challenges of last-mile delivery. Here are some of the areas where RouteManager has made the biggest impact on their business:

A big thing is the ability to have custom fields. It seems like a simple feature, but it really gives us control over how we use the software.

Scalability and Efficiency

During peak seasons like Christmas, they could deploy up to 40 vans on the road, handling over 100 deliveries per day per vehicle for large clients. The software’s ability to adapt to fluctuating demand allowed FreshPath to manage increased volume without sacrificing efficiency.

Data-Rich Experience

RouteManager provided a data-rich experience, enabling FreshPath to track deliveries with precision. Features like customer notifications, geotagging and photo documentation facilitated problem-solving and enhanced customer service. The seamless integration between the driver app and back-end system ensured that critical data was captured and archived for analysis and dispute resolution.


FreshPath found RouteManager to be affordable yet comprehensive. While not the cheapest option available, RouteManager offered excellent value for the investment. The stability of the software, coupled with responsive customer support, justified the cost for FreshPath. Moreover, the software’s intuitive user interface expedited the onboarding process for new drivers and routers, reducing training time and operational overhead.

Future Expansion

Despite currently operating exclusively in Alberta, FreshPath has strategic plans to expand across Canada. RouteManager’s robust features and dedicated support instill confidence in FreshPath’s ability to scale and adapt to new markets. The company sees RouteManager as a long-term partner, capable of supporting their growth and expansion initiatives.

By leveraging RouteManager, FreshPath Logistics overcame the challenges associated with last-mile delivery and optimized their operations for efficiency, scalability and customer satisfaction. The software’s seamless integration, data-driven approach and responsive customer support have positioned FreshPath for continued success in the competitive logistics landscape. As they pursue their expansion goals, FreshPath remains confident in RouteManager’s ability to support their evolving needs and deliver value to their business.

The Results

Complete confidence in their ability to scale as needed
Handled 40 vans on the road with 100+ deliveries per day per vehicle during peak season
Seamless integration with their existing system

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