The tree service industry is extremely competitive, and it can be a challenge to make your own tree service business stand out from the rest. One of the best ways to help build your brand and make your business come through is with a comprehensive advertising strategy.

There are so many different ways to advertise and numerous helpful tools out there, that it can be challenging to know where to start.

If you’re new to advertising for your business, the best thing to do is start slow with one or two ad methods and steadily ramp up your advertising portfolio as you learn the ups and downs of each ad format.

1. Google Ads

Google Ads are a great first step when setting up tree service advertisements for your business. You can run many types of ads through Google, but the most popular are local service ads (LSA) and pay-per-click (PPC).

Google ads

The best way to get started with Google ads is to set up a Google My Business account, where you’ll be able to create your ads and manage your monthly budget. This will also allow you to manage your tree service listing on Google so you can ensure that your contact information and service lists are accurate and up to date. 

With LSAs, you can create ads that will show up as a tree service listing for your selected location. Local service listings are perfect for tree service businesses with a tight advertising budget because they cost a little less and help you specifically target your local area and improve potential lead generation.

Conversely, Google’s PPC ads let you target a much larger audience, with a wider location range and multiple keyword search terms. For example, if your service area spans multiple counties, rather than creating LSAs for each area, you can set up a PPC ad targeting keyword searches. Terms such as “tree service,” “tree removal,” “tree trimming,” or any other service-specific keywords will help potential clients find your business while searching online.

PPC ads generally run a little more expensive than LSAs, but they allow you to hone in on your target audience with more specific terms. That being said, LSAs are still a great, cost-effective way to begin advertising your tree service online.

2. Lead Generation Sites

Lead generation sites such as Yelp, TaskRabbit, and Thumbtack are excellent tools for promoting your tree service business and generating quality leads in a short amount of time. These sites act as service directories that allow customers to search for a service they need and show them the businesses in the area that offer that service.

Thumbtack ad

Generally, lead generation sites operate similarly to pay-per-click, where you will only pay when potential clients click on your website or call you through the lead site itself. The sites that offer pay-per-click options to promote your tree service are ideal because you are only paying for the leads that come in and could potentially make you money.

The best part about sites like Yelp is that it is easy to set up a profile and create an advertising plan that will work well within your budget. The website itself will manage the rest! Additionally, these sites will allow you to link your profile to a social media page if you don’t have a website set up for your business.

All lead generation sites offer different rates and will have varying effectiveness depending on your service area and the types of specific tree services you offer. Because of this, it is important to try out a few different sites (or more than one at a time if your budget can manage it) to see which one might be right for your budget while still generating the most quality leads.

3. Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook ad

Facebook and Instagram are great options for tree service businesses looking to connect and engage with their target audience while also promoting their businesses to new clientele. Most importantly, establishing a social media presence for your tree service will help develop and maintain brand recognition.

Facebook offers tons of different ad design options and tree service advertising templates, as well as the ability to promote posts from your Facebook page to reach other potential customers who aren’t already following your page. They also offer a wide range of pricing options for both ads and promoted posts, so you will be able to customize your ads to be both appealing to your audience and fit your budget.

Instagram offers ads as well, but unlike Facebook, they only allow you to promote posts and stories. While Instagram doesn’t let you create traditional advertisements, boosted posts or story updates keep them looking almost identical to regular posts. This makes your target audience more likely to look at your posts rather than scroll past just another ad.

Facebook and Instagram offer a more interactive way to advertise your tree service while also connecting with your existing customers and building stronger brand recognition and customer loyalty.

4. Physical Ads

Depending on your service area and target audience, digital ads might not be the best route to bring in more leads. Physical ads, such as tree service flyers, door hangers, newspaper ads, and mailer postcards, are still a quality option for any tree service business to generate more business.


Door hangers and flyers are a great first step in physical advertising, as they are relatively inexpensive to make and distribute. However, passing out flyers door to door can be very time-consuming, and once your schedule starts filling up with customers, it might not be feasible anymore.

If you need a simple way to promote your business to a broader audience, mailer flyers or postcards are your best bet. These can be created and mailed out hundreds at a time, and add a more personal touch to your advertisements that potential clients wouldn’t feel from a digital ad.

No matter which format you choose to go with physical ads, it is vital that you create a design and offer that is eye-catching to your audience; otherwise, they’re likely to throw it out with the other junk mail. Special discounts, referral programs, or offering specific tree services that have less competition in your area are all excellent options for capturing your target audience’s attention.

5. Use Local Gatherings

Perhaps one of the most overlooked forms of advertisement for tree services is local events where you can promote your business and personally interact with potential customers. This could be anything from local gardening or cottage events to speaking for a nonprofit event with a nature preserve.

Particularly throughout the spring and summer, garden expositions are held for the public to explore what local vendors have to offer and learn more about gardening or landscaping their yards. Look for these events in your area and contact the hosting organization to sign up for a booth at the next event.

Typically, you will need to pay for the booth space, and you will need to supply your own banner and other advertisement material to furnish the booth. Still, these events help immensely to build brand recognition and generate high-quality leads.

You can also partner with your local garden center or nursery to hold smaller events where you can speak on tree care or other similar subjects to educate the public and improve your brand’s image through friendly public relations.

Nurseries and garden centers are also the perfect business to partner your tree service with, as many might not offer certain tree services that you do, such as the removal of full-grown trees and stumps. The nursery will be able to refer customers looking for those specific services to your business, thus helping build a wider customer base and bring in many more leads.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re just starting your tree service or are looking for tree service advertisement ideas, it is vital to continue bringing in new leads and helping your business grow. Between just digital and physical ads, there is such a wide variety of options that it can be difficult to know where to start and how to manage advertisements while also managing your tree service business.

If you’re brand new to advertising and are looking to get started, consider your target audience and budget. Understanding your audience will help you identify which ads are most likely to reach them and encourage them to contact you. Knowing your budget will help you decide between the different options to find the best tool to advertise your tree service and the ideal ad package.

Finally, as the saying goes, you should never put all your eggs in one basket. Experiment with different ad methods and services to find out where you’re getting high-quality leads and staying within your budget. You don’t need to use every advertisement tool out there, but sticking with a few that you know work well for you will help you bring in more business and grow your tree service customer base.

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