In the modern age, most homeowners and property managers find arborists through tree service websites. The best websites for tree care companies provide transparent information about services and easy ways to contact the company. 

Below are WorkWave’s top 10 best websites for tree service businesses. We have done our best to include companies that provide an excellent example of professional tree care company websites.

What to Look for in a Professional Arborist’s Website:

A professional tree care site must do three things:

  1. Make it simple to find the company’s information and book appointments.
  2. Ensure any certifications, insurance, customer reviews, and employee information are readily available.
  3. Conduct regular and robust engagement with the community and customers.

Visibility of Company Information and Booking

Ideally, a tree care company should have an essential presence online, and the best companies out there will showcase their skill and reputation via a professional website. 

Once someone reaches your website, the first thing they’ll likely do is read the company’s summary of services. Visitors will check any prices available on the site and take note of how to book an appointment. Suppose the company doesn’t make this process easy. In that case, it will be difficult for new customers to hire you or existing customers to schedule repeat service.

Reviews and Certifications

The second, possibly even the first thing a potential client might do, is to explore customer reviews. A professional tree care company will list all of their certifications, upper management bios, and unbiased customer reviews. The details may be on a separate page or the home page. If a company lacks any of these or a potential customer can’t find them easily, it may not reflect well on the arborist. 

After all, your website should prove to potential customers that your company is trustworthy and delivers excellent service. Honest reviews and transparency suggest both.

Social Media Presence

Happy customers will talk about a company on social media. From the customer’s perspective, a company that keeps its customer base engaged will likely continue to offer high-quality services in the future. Social media builds trust, generates buzz, and ultimately produces more potential clients. It’s vital to display social media handles on your site and have a real social media presence. 

At the very least, your company should have a blog where you post useful information about the industry, talk about jobs you’ve done, or post tips regularly. Maintaining a blog and up-to-date website content helps strengthen your online presence and bumps you up in search engines over time.

Now know what to look for in an effective website. Let’s explore WorkWave’s top 10 list of the best tree care websites that exemplify all of these essential traits.

WorkWave’s Top 10 Best Arborist Sites

We could have added several more companies to this list, as this is an industry that’s rich with nature-loving multimedia content and active communities. The companies in this list have a strong presence in their local communities, and their websites take full advantage of their trust. 

Let’s get into the top picks.

1. Most User-friendly Design: J&J’s Lawn and Tree Service

J&J’s Lawn and Tree Service is the leading tree service provider for central Florida since 1988. Operated by Jeffrey McMillan, a state-certified arborist, and UF landscaping architect, the company has a positive reputation that stretches back nearly three decades.

J&J clarifies who they are and what they offer through their Home and About pages. You’ll find a short introductory video, a bio of the company and owner, and information about the services they offer on both pages. 

The front page includes an FAQ and an easy way to contact the company. Directly below the contact info, you can find their social media handles and accreditations. 

J&J is active on Facebook, where they’ve accumulated several positive reviews. Overall, this company website checks all the boxes for a user-friendly design.

2. Most Convincing Bio and Best Social Media Presence: Aspen Arboriculture

Aspen Arboriculture Solutions provides services nationwide, but its heart is in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Readers quickly feel a sense of trust when reading the company bio; Sam Kezar knows trees. He backs it up with a record of certifications and experience. 

A clear image of Sam, along with easy access to their list of services and contact information, places this company’s website on our list for being straightforward, relatable, and trustworthy. 

Sam’s social media presence is among the best we’ve seen as well. Some of the content is reminiscent of a cable TV nature show. We recommend that you head over and start writing down some ideas for your social media campaigns.

3. Best No-Frills Website: Joe Webster Tree Care

While this website won’t grab your attention like some others on this list, it’s easy to navigate. It makes it easy to contact the company for more information. One neat feature is how they’ve embedded their social media into the Home page. While it’s gone dormant in 2020, they’ve packed their blog with information about the industry.

Like other picks on this list, Joe’s website covers all the basics, such as a clear bio, easy-to-find company information, a list of certifications, and a collection of customer reviews via their Facebook page.

4. Best Blog: Friendly Tree Service

Besides covering all the crucial parts of a website we’ve mentioned earlier, Friendly Tree Service appeals to the audience’s curiosity, do-it-yourself mindset, and environmental awareness. It’s straightforward to get a quote from the company, but the blog is where this website stands out. Their website is full of industry information that helps rank the site above the riff-raff in search engine results.

5. Best Competitive Difference: Ahlum & Arbor

Your website must have a clear statement of what separates your services from the competition. Ahlum & Arbor effectively lists their competitive difference within their company bio, accessible from the Home page.

6. Easiest to Contact: 770 Arborist

All the websites listed here have made it easy for users to contact their company for more information. But 770 Arborist is a perfect example of a user-friendly design done right. The company’s phone number and a large, red “FREE ESTIMATE” button rest on the Home page’s top right corner.

The homepage is engaging, with a moving background shot featuring the crane in question, and the web copy clearly explains what services the arborist offers.

7. Best List of Services: Merlin Arborist Group

One company that includes beautiful images and a comprehensive list of services (including raptor renesting) is Merlin Arborist Group. The company goes into detail for each service offered, along with a gallery of their work and crew. 

Merlin’s LinkedIn profile adds to its reputation, providing a long list of experience in the space. Their Instagram and Facebook pages have a good following, though it appears that they’ve lagged behind a few others on this list. 

8. Best Testimonials Section: Vineland Tree Care

Vineland Tree Care’s testimonials section is short but gets the job done. Potential clients need to see social proof that your company is worth working with. According to Convince & Convert, 83% of consumers say recommendations increase their likelihood of purchasing a product or service. Without a doubt, sharing reviews is something you cannot skip. 

Save your glowing reviews for the testimonials section, and encourage your clients to leave their comments and recommendations on your company’s social media pages. Facebook is the best for amassing reviews. However, LinkedIn may be more appropriate if your clients will be larger companies or land managers.

9. Great Original Photos of a Company’s Work: Champions Tree Preservation

We think this company is one of the “champions” in showcasing professional, original photos of their employees on the job. They use original images for all their service pages and a gallery of past work covering a lot of ground. 

Original photos make it clear that this company can work with a variety of jobs. The real-world photos showcase that they’ve got the equipment and talent to tackle any arborist problem a client throws at them. A stock photo of a handsome, burly lumberjack, smiling with gleaming white teeth while chopping a 10-meter palm tree, wouldn’t have the same impact.  

10. Professional Logo and Branding: Monster Tree Service

Monster Tree takes full advantage of its logo and branding opportunities. Their logo is just weird and friendly enough to be memorable among the competition. You’ll find their logo on nearly every page, and the entire website sticks close to the brand’s color and font scheme. Customers appreciate consistency in both services and the aesthetics of a website. 

While we’re here, Monster Tree’s detailed services menu is top-notch. In truth, most of the choices on this list can fit into multiple categories. We highly recommend that you explore each one to get a well-rounded idea of what works for other successful companies. 

It’s Easy to Build a Tree Care Website to Make Your Tree care Business Stand Out

We believe all the companies listed here have done a great job attracting and maintaining a customer base, even during a wild year like 2020. Without a website, they wouldn’t have had as much success, and we can even say that for the older, well-connected companies. 

It’s vital to have an internet presence, so take these excellent examples and build yours today!

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