Once you’ve decided to start a pressure washing business and have established your pressure washing business, you will need to search for new business. There are many opportunities to find new clients; you just need to know where to look and how to reach them. 

Along with the traditional method of physical advertising, having an online pressure-washing advertising campaign is essential. A digital marketing strategy takes you further than the conventional way ever will, but both have their place of importance.

Cultivating relationships with customers is one of the best ways to get your name out there, especially within your local community. When you think of how to get pressure washing jobs, the tips below may help you along.

Traditional Advertising

Going the traditional route for pressure washing advertising is an excellent strategy. There are many ways to utilize these tried and true tactics, from signs, door hangers, and flyers to a truck wrap.

In particular, a truck wrap can go a long way to kickstart your power-washing advertising. Ensure that there is adequate contact information on the wrap, and something interesting to catch people’s eye is always beneficial.

Instead of going door to door, leaving flyers at each house, it is less time-consuming and has more client-getting potential to stick to the places surrounding where you complete work. This method can increase the density of your clients in a particular neighborhood.

Other pressure-washing advertising ideas in the traditional category are newspaper, TV, and radio ads, as well as leaving flyers at other business premises if they allow it. With this route, it is crucial to ensure that the time, energy, and finances you invest lead to a sound return.  

Digital Marketing

There is nothing more important than having a website, regardless of the marketing method you choose to prioritize. An online presence lets people know that your business is the real deal, garnering trust and credibility. 

Having a website is just the beginning. At the very least, this website should allow potential customers to learn more about your power washing business. Additionally, this advertising tactic is more effective when there is a way to interact with the company that only requires a few clicks.

For example, there should be a way for potential clients to receive a quote, request work ask questions, and look at scheduling options. These are not required but are a great way to keep people viewing your website.

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are your best opportunity to put out unique pressure-washing ads that reach potential clients. Creating ads and promoting a similar message across your platforms gives people more of an incentive to check out your business. 

On social media, you must keep in mind that it’s crucial to come across as a ‘real’ person. Many companies lose out on business for having too much of a robot-like persona. 

Online reviews are incredibly beneficial for getting pressure-washing contracts. With maximum visibility right on your Google results page, honest reviews can help earn new customers. 

Lastly, having an email marketing aspect of your online presence can help you maintain the customers you already have with deals, monthly newsletters, and even tips.

Residential vs. Commercial Contracts

At first, it is probably best to set your sights on residential customers. Giving them the majority of your attention allows you to build up your business’s reputation. Word of mouth can be a powerful advertising tool, and building one-on-one relationships with residential consumers can set your business up for growth.

Starting in your neighborhood can be an excellent idea, but you will need a website no matter what. It is vital to maintain your online presence, especially as things become more and more internet-based.

With residential clients, the whole neighborhood may see the work you do, and it will be a prime example of the results they will also get as a customer. The clients themselves may also talk up your business. Anything negative, big or small, however, can spread equally well, so be careful how you present your brand.

As for commercial leads, they can be more lucrative but more challenging to acquire. You make a bid based on the job site, how much it will cost you, and how the business wants to work with you. This bid does not guarantee a pressure washing contract, but it is a good start.

Commercial pressure washing jobs have a high potential for repeat business. They can be more expensive in the long run, depending on the costs you accrue and how much these contracts pay. 

A healthy balance of commercial and residential business is an excellent approach as well. In the end, what works best for your business is entirely up to you.

Building Relationships

The most crucial aspect of any business is the relationship you have with your clients. 

Providing impeccable customer service and making sure to follow up with previous clients go a long way. Not only are previous customers more likely to use your services again, but they may also spread the word to others about your business. 

Email is a great way to follow up with customers, but postcards are even better. With postcards, you can do customizations for each client. Expressing your gratitude for their business and maybe even dropping some deals will put your business first in mind when they need pressure washing services.

Aim to be different from all others with your power-washing ads. You want potential clients to take a second look; and pique their interest, even if they are not currently looking for pressure washing services. When they do need them, your business will be one of the first they consider. 

Final Thoughts

Regardless of how you choose to get pressure-washing contracts, a healthy relationship with your client base, along with an excellent online presence, are merely stepping stones.

A combination of various methods of power-washing advertising is probably the best way to go about it. However, if you can only tackle one, it’s best to use the online advertising option.

Social media’s power grows every day, and being a part of it has become almost essential to the success of most up-and-coming businesses. It is certainly possible to go without it, but success may not come as quickly.

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