As companies grow and expand, so do their needs. One thing that must evolve during periods of growth and change is the customer support systems in place. Customers today are vocal and have a variety of outlets to express their opinions that may influence others. Having a best-in-class product may be the price of entry, but the key to success lies in how you support and serve your customers, becoming more than just a solution provider, but a strategic partner.

The numbers don’t lie:

At WorkWave, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the tools, support, and teams to not only run their business but grow their business to the next level through initiatives tailored to all types of customers. Over the past few months, our team has increased its focus on providing best-in-class onboarding, increasing flexible learning and development opportunities, providing data services so customers can feel at ease when it comes to data migration, and implementing dedicated customer success teams for select key customers.

Some trends we have been seeing:

  • More and more customers want to see simplified tutorials that only show the basics to help them get up and running, and then circle back to the more complex areas. Because of this, it has become an increased area of focus within our Onboarding teams.
  • Many customers would like easily referenceable online materials, hence the laser focus within our Learning and Development team.
  • The industry seeks to have data retention from prior applications for historical references, which proves the value of our Data Services team.

Best-in-Class Onboarding

When our customers invest in WorkWave, it’s crucial that we provide a world-class experience in return, right from the start. We understand that the first “in-app” experience we have with customers sets the tone for the entire partnership going forward. It can be confusing, overwhelming, and scary to move to new software, so it has been our focus to create an easy and seamless transition onto our platforms – so that our customers can get back to running their businesses in no time. We take pride in helping our customers get started by providing a catered, positive and informative onboarding experience.

Flexible and Ongoing Learning & Development

WorkWave recognizes the value of continued learning to ensure a greater breadth of software feature usage and improved productivity for your business. Learning & Development (L&D) promotes a culture of learning throughout our organization and in support of our customers. We recognize the desire for flexibility that busy business owners need in order to operate. The L&D team has continued to expand our live and on-demand webinar offerings through PestPac University, providing sessions on a variety of days and times that are tailored to specific roles and skill levels. The team also handles knowledge management and training across all products, with initiatives including an internal/external knowledge base, updated training resources, and internal/external certification programs.

Your Partner for Success

At WorkWave, we strive to be more than just a solution provider to the companies that thrive through the use of our software. Tapping into our over thirty years of experience and our access to thousands of pest control companies, our teams can provide strategic value and industry insight to help pest control businesses succeed. Our goal is to be a partner, embedded within roadmap planning and included in integrated project planning with our key customers. With the recent introduction of our Customer Success Managers to many of these key customers, WorkWave seeks to create long-term solutions and measurements to meet and track against business goals acts as an advocate bringing our customers’ wants and needs directly to leadership and follows customer lifecycles from post-contract through to implementation and growth.

Data Services for a Seamless Transition

We understand that switching providers is not easy. To ease our customer’s minds, we provide access to full data services options through a team that helps import valuable customer records into our system with swiftness and ease. Want to reference old service visits or invoices? We’ve got you covered. Later in our blog, we will explain the options and how we execute well against our customer’s expectations.


Steve Hudek is WorkWave’s Vice President of Customer Service, bringing nearly two decades of operations management experience.