In today’s market, finding and retaining standout technicians has become more difficult than ever. When you manage to find a qualified tech, bring them on board and spend the time training them to get them up and running, you want them to thrive with your pest control business so they can deliver top-notch service for your customers.

Unfortunately, the same labor shortage that makes it so important to hold onto good technicians is making some pest control operators hold on just a little too tight. The result is burned-out techs who make avoidable mistakes, seek out other companies to work for or leave the industry altogether.

To get some insight into what causes employee burnout and, more importantly, what pest control operators can do to prevent their employees from wearing thin, we recently sponsored a podcast episode diving into exactly that. PCT editor and host Brad Harbison is joined by Bill Cowley of Cowleys Pest Services and fellow pest professionals Sharon Roebuck and Keiko Duncan. Together, they dive into:

  • The lingering impact of the pandemic on employee stress levels
  • Recognizing symptoms of burnout in your team
  • Spotting sources of stress for your employees
  • Strategies for improving employee morale and wellbeing

Take a listen and start forming your own strategy for keeping your team happy, healthy, and productive!

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