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Control Your Day with RouteOp

Don’t let last-minute customer requests derail your daily appointments. RouteOp’s new interface design and functionality allows you to handle real-time updates with ease. A new interactive map allows you to edit technician routes directly from map view, manually adjusting route optimizations and comparing adjusted route stats.

Sales Assistant Has a New Look 

Sales Assistant also has a fresh new look! This updated user interface can be used on desktop, mobile, or tablet with the ability to be customized to fit your company’s appearance. Additionally, the ability to automatically detect property size and integration with RouteOp’s Best Fit have been added. This eCommerce solution can be placed on your company’s website, allowing customers to easily book appointments and make payments online.

Ditch the Login with Epay

Simplifying payments even further is Epay. This process allows customers to pay without requiring a portal or login. Access is gained through a link embedded within customer invoices, allowing users to click through and make their payment.

The Future of Commercial Pest Control

At PestWorld 2018 we unveiled Commercial 4.0, revolutionizing the way our customers manage commercial pest control accounts. With these updated features commercial pest control companies now have a true end-to-end solution to support the needs of their customers. Newly added features include:

  • CustomerConnect+ Logbook
  • Diagrams
  • Conditions Threshold
  • Multi-Unit Mobile Capability