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As we head towards the final weeks of summer, we wanted to take some time to explore recent enhancements and upcoming features being worked on for PestPac set to be released later this year.

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Performance Improvements

Within the PestPac team we have established a performance improvement team comprised of several key developers with intimate knowledge of PestPac software. The team is tasked with identifying areas of the software that need improvement.

As a result we optimized the Appointment Scheduler page within PestPac. We hope you noticed the speed of this page improved dramatically.

PestPac Mobile 3

Mobile Tasks

You can now create Service and Pest Sighting tasks for a location via PestPac or PestPac Mobile. These tasks will be accessible for any technician servicing that location in the mobile app. Technicians can also create new tasks for a location or someone in the office.

If you missed the recent webinar on Mobile Tasks, you can watch a recording here.

Scanning with Screen Off

If you pair a Bluetooth scanner to PestPac Mobile, we heard your concerns about switching to Mobile 3. Our team put extra effort toward figuring out how users can scan while the phone is in sleep mode, saving valuable battery life.


Epay allows you to embed payment links in emailed invoices, simplifying the payment process. This new version of Epay gives this ability to all customers and does not require the use of our Portal. Simply enable Epay in your customer settings. Click hereto see how to activate Epay.

Sentricon Update

We spent the past several months updating the Sentricon feature within PestPac. With this update you will find that there is a slight adjustment to how you interact with Sentricon. To ensure that your transition goes smoothly, we will be conducting individual training sessions prior to upgrading your system. Each customer will be contacted by our Customer Success team to schedule your training.

Currently we have a handful of customers live on the new system for beta testing. We expect to continue transitioning customers over the next six months.

End of Life

As a software company, we are constantly working to improve our products. These improvements can help your business run faster, smarter and more efficient. In some cases these enhancements are an effort to replace dated technology with more performant and more secure technology.

We recently developed Mobile 3 and the Customer Connect Portal on completely new technologies. These products will replace the existing mobile and portal products that we currently offer. Thus you may have seen an “End of Life” notice for the following:

Mobile 2

  • As of August 30th PestPac Mobile 2 will no longer be supported or available for download in the iOS and Android stores.

Classic Mobile

  • As of October 1st Classic Mobile will no longer be supported
  • If you missed our webinar The Benefits of Making the Move from Classic to Mobile 3? Click here to view the recording. It covers WDI completion, attaching images and documents, emailing inspection reports, customer notifications and more


  • As of December 31st CAA will no longer be supported
  • Customers should switch to CustomerConnect portal

What’s Next?

In addition to the improvements we just discussed, there’s some exciting updates on the horizon!

Diagrams, Areas and Devices

We redesigned the Diagrams, Areas and Devices features of PestPac, combining them into a single interactive screen. It took a long time to develop and we used new technology (as referenced above). A big benefit of this page redesign is faster loading which will help customers who have complex multi-unit locations.

Mobile Lead Management

We are adding lead management to mobile. You will have the ability to enter and manage leads from within PestPac Mobile.

Mobile Sketching

Keep an eye out for some exciting updates regarding this feature. We have incorporated your feedback into the next round of improvements.

Stay tuned for our next product update installment later this year. For more information on PestPac’s features and functionality, please visit PestPac University – now free for all customers!


Rick Agajanian serves as WorkWave’s Vice President of Product Management.