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Exciting things are happening this week at PestWorld. Come see the reveal of WorkWave PestPac’s new and fresh branding, as well as features and functionality that further demonstrate our commitment to helping our customers grow and run their pest control businesses with ease, all while delivering best-in-class customer experience.

Become more accessible to customers

In today’s fast-paced and busy world, customers today expect you to be available when they are. With PestPac’s newly re-designed Sales Assistant you can be. Your customers and prospective customers can browse your service offerings, schedule jobs and even pay their bills online whenever and wherever they want to. No longer are they limited to playing phone tag and booking appointments only during office hours. Never miss an opportunity with our 24/7 accesibile Sales Assistant module.

Simplify payments for your clients

How many usernames and passwords do you have? Over 20 percent of people have a unique username and password for each online account. Crazy right? Your customers will thank you for using PestPac’s Epay where all they have to do is click a link and pay directly from an invoice. No login required! Talk about convenient.

Seamlessly organize your operations

The commercial pest control industry is continuing to grow 1.7 percent from 2018-2023. Seamlessly manage your commercial clients with PestPac’s Commercial 4.0 set of modules that cater to the specific and complex needs of commercial clients. Organize, store, and track the most important documentation and inspection reports for your commercial clients so they’re always ready for audit with CustomerConnect+ LogBook. Easily manage sites and facilities pest activity and concentration with Heatmaps.

Increase transparency at job sites

Arm your technicians with the ability to service multi unit facilities right from their mobile device. Property managers will rejoice with the ability to see individual unit activity, as well as the ability to view compiled reports for all units. Efficiently manage traps and property details with the ability to draw right over google map view in Mobile Sketch. Enable your technicians to manage traps and property details right from the palm of their hands.

Easily log leads in the field

Your pest control technicians are the face of your company to your customers, and they are often your best source to attract new clients. Neighbors see your company truck at the home next door and stop to ask your technician a few questions. With Mobile Leads your technicians can add and track these leads right from their smartphone. All the prospect’s information directly syncs right back into PestPac.

Supercharge your marketing efforts

Keeping track of your marketing campaigns can be a daunting task without the right tools. PestPac’s updated Marketing Automation has been re-designed with a brand new, updated dashboard that allows you to view aggregate statistics from all campaigns, filter performance by single or all marketing areas and provide new metrics like email open and click rate. All activity syncs back to their PestPac account, giving you full visibility to your customer profiles. Maximize your marketing ROI with these enhanced reporting tools.

Stay a step ahead of customer requests

Having a hard time managing last-minute customer requests to change appointment times? Is a service call running overtime resulting in your technician being late to their next appointment? Scenarios like this can easily be managed with PestPac’s RouteOp. With a new visual optimization tool changes can be made to technician routes directly from map view. You can view the implications of a route adjustment before commiting to the changes. Service your customers effectively and manage your technicians efficiently with our enhanced RouteOp functionality.

More than a solution, PestPac continues to be a strategic partner in helping each of our customers grow and reach their unique business goals. Stop by Booth #109 at PestWorld to see first-hand the latest features and functionality that the PestPac team has been up to.


Rick Agajanian serves as WorkWave’s Vice President of Product Management.