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As a business owner in the pest control industry, keeping your finger on the pulse of your sales team is often hard due to lack of visibility into their daily or ongoing tasks. While you have a good idea when a lead becomes a customer and signs up for a pest control service, is your sales team doing everything the should when it comes to the process of selling?

While micromanaging might not be your style, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your sales team is going through the right steps to close a sale? We recently rolled out a new feature to PestPac’s Lead Management solution that helps keep your sales team on track to close more leads.

There are two different kinds of tasks available in Lead Management:

Workflow Steps

What are they?

Workflow Steps are tasks that are meant to serve as a guide to closing the sale.

Who would use them?

Sales Managers can set up and assign these tasks to anyone on the sales team. Only the Sales Manager can remove them. However, your sales team has the ability to complete the tasks, or change their date.

What do they accomplish?

They are large milestone goals your sales team has to accomplish before they can move leads through the sales funnel.


What are they?

Reminders to help accomplish the Workflow Steps assigned to them by the Sales Manager.

Who would use them?

Your sales team can set tasks for themselves and can be edited, moved, or deleted.

What do they accomplish?

They can be used as reminders to call or follow up with leads to help them reach those larger milestone goals set forth by the Sales Manager.

Are you already usingPestPac’s Lead Management solution and want to learn how to set up Workflow Steps? Click here to learn how.

If you are not using Lead Management for your pest control business, to learn how you can automate your sales process, track and improve the performance of your sales team, and optimize your lead generation campaigns.