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Here at WorkWave we’ve been creating pest control software for over 30 years, and in that time we’ve gained a deep understanding of how tough it is in pest control sales, especially when selling recurring service contracts and/or cross-sell services. As a pest control owner/operator (sometimes wearing a sales-hat), a dedicated salesperson or a technician/salesperson combo it’s important that you help yourself by adopting and executing some key selling methods. There are so many different ones to consider and we’ve found that a mix of ‘tried and true’ and also ‘new’ approaches are pretty effective.

Here are 4 sales approaches to exercise harmoniously while conducting pest control sales:

1. Practice Consultative Selling

This is really a mindset to adopt. Consultative selling is all about shedding the canned pitches and automatic responses in favor of a set of techniques exercised while conversing with potential customers.

The keyword is conversing, which implies a back and forth. That’s the goal.

You’ll want to truly listen to the customer and then quickly formulate relevant, insightful questions based off of real-time feedback.

You are getting to the heart of their needs through back and forth conversation. With a good consultative sales approach, you may even have the solution, in which you can present, at the end of the first meeting. Just remember to take in as much information as you can…learn…and show genuine interest.

Throughout the conversation you’ll want to offer up advice and useful tips that you can share to gain more credibility and show value upfront.

2. Embrace Your Brand

You most likely work for a family-owned and operated pest control business or perhaps a branch that is part of a corporation. Either way, your company (or the parent company) has a mission, brand promise, personality and reputation. As a salesperson, you need to become very familiar with the essence of your brand and try to exude it when speaking to potential customers.

The key to remember is that most people have already developed an initial opinion and expectation of your company based off of consuming marketing materials, reading reviews, ads, etc. As the salesperson, and most likely part of the front office staff, you’ll want to deliver on those upfront expectations and help complete their expected experience.

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For example, XYZ Pest Control does a lot of marketing and always positions themselves as extremely friendly and knowledgeable with a customer-first mentality. Sally Homeowner is familiar with the marketing from XYZ, she has seen all the ads and read reviews. Now that she is experiencing bed bugs, Sally decides to call XYZ Pest Control with some high expectations. It is your job as the salesperson working the lead to deliver upon and meet her expectations.

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3. Resist Pushing Too Hard

Sometimes you need to recognize when it doesn’t seem like it will be a good fit.

Not all possible deals are the right deals, even if you know you can still make the sale. You have to trust your intuition when it tells you a deal will most likely result in an unhappy client or could lead to a poor customer experience. The added friction from managing unhappy clients will take away from the valuable time for positive sales, plus you put yourself at risk of receiving negative reviews.

4. Tap Into Your Software

Salespeople in general are so busy with prospecting that there is little time for the ongoing necessary touchpoints like follow-ups, check-ins and touch-bases. Chances are that the pest control or field service management software, that your company is already using, has built-in tools available to help.

It is important to look into this and ask your management team. It may just be as simple as adding on a ‘sales assistant’ and ‘lead management’ focused modules within the software, which can help you tremendously.

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