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By Marne Martin, CEO of WorkWave

As we approach the biggest event of the year for the pest control industry, it gives us a wonderful chance to take a closer look at what makes pest control such a unique and innovative industry.  It also gives us the opportunity to celebrate our pest professionals, from small business owners, to global enterprises, commercial technicians, to office staff. 

As someone who became much closer to pest control when I joined WorkWave and IFS in August 2018, I have been amazed at the level of passion and commitment I have encountered from pest control professionals of all sizes. Likewise, there is so much potential still to grow and expand through the use of technology to leverage the customer focus that is so prevalent in the pest control industry. 

At WorkWave, we have been partners to the pest control industry for over 30 years, and in those 30 years have developed alongside it. We grew to embrace our place within the flourishing pest control industry. By aligning to the needs of our customers and adapting to the industry changes, we have expanded upon our extensive experience to bring pest control businesses of all sizes a suite of solutions that support every stage of their business lifecycle. 

The industry has evolved greatly. As customer expectations get greater, and as technology becomes more advanced, we are all so fortunate to be in this industry at a time of exciting changes!

In my most recent article, I talked about how companies can achieve digital transformation success through adaptation, adoption, and agility, which are important to keep in mind when looking to grow your company. Additionally, commitment, passion, and potential are three areas specific to pest control that continually stand out to me. These traits are all crucial in digitally transforming the service-oriented world of pest control without losing its customer focus and personal touch.

When it comes to the commitment and passion of the pest control industry, the two terms go hand in hand. Many pest control companies we work with are generational. They have been handed down from parents and grandparents, and have transformed into multimillion dollar businesses. These have all been built on the passion and hard work that radiates through these dedicated families. This, combined with the companies that have been created by one or two people from the ground up, has all led to create an industry of amazing companies that have such an impact on customers’ lives by keeping their families safe, keeping businesses healthy, and building a sense of trust and a relationship with customers who let you into their homes and businesses. 

When customer service is the core of your business, everyone in your organization must be both driven by and committed to providing a great experience for their customers. It goes so far beyond simply providing a pest control service—it all comes down to the way companies run their businesses, and the experience they provide for their customers. From the initial contact with a customer, to easy service scheduling, to providing customers with ETAs, down to giving them an easy way to pay—these are all ways that pest control companies are reinforcing their commitment to their customers. This is also what keeps current customers coming back for more, and promotes referrals which is one of the main drivers of growth for pest control companies.

Passion is something I have seen echoing throughout the entire industry, from peer-to-peer collaboration, to advisory groups, and especially in conversations with our customers. When you have passionate service professionals, you have people who are willing to adapt, which is a key driver of digital transformation. Bringing new technologies and digital tools into your companies — examples like generating leads and selling via mobile, real-time remote assistance to help with new technician field productivity or seamless payment processing — can at times be disruptive, but when well executed, garner accolades and positive financial performance. Digital transformation is essential to not only getting through day-to-day, but also staying competitive in a crowded, service-oriented industry.  I truly believe technology is most successful when you have passionate business owners and employees who can see the potential these types of changes can bring to their companies.

At WorkWave, we recently sat down to hone in on our company mission: helping our customers reach their full potential. In the pest industry in particular, this can mean many things. It can be providing services to your local community, getting acquired, creating a franchise, or growing into an enterprise company. Whatever the end goal may be, there is so much potential to be reached within the industry. With new technologies, like AI and chatbots for customer service or drones to aid technicians, the possibilities are endless. At WorkWave, we are committed to working with you to bring you the technology and digital tools you need to reach your full potential.

We are so excited to meet you all at PestWorld this year as we come together to share ideas, spread knowledge, and have fun! These opportunities to network with one another not only spark creativity and inspiration to bring back to your companies, but also allow us all to grow together and continue to find ways to transform an industry.

WorkWave will be at booth #509. Stop by to experience some of our new features, see our new prototypes, and speak to our pest experts. We look forward to seeing you in San Diego!


Marne Martin currently is the President of IFS Service Management, bringing over 20 years of experience growing domestic and international companies.