Strategic marketing in the off season can significantly increase your sales in the upcoming busy season and reinvigorate your current customers. You can gain awareness for your pest control business to new prospects and show current and prospective customers you are an expert in the pest control space.

Scrub & Maximize your Database

Focus on building and cleansing your database in order to help convert more leads into customers in the upcoming season. Start by setting up an email campaign to re engage lost leads. These are potential customers who have already shown an interest in your business in the past and are more than likely still open to your services. Next, use analytics from your marketing software to clean up contacts that either do not open your messages or whose emails bounce back. Finally, make sure your website includes a call to action to subscribe to your email list for the latest updates so you can continually build your database. Now you will be sending your marketing communications to a captive audience.

Reevaluate your Current Assets

Take the time to make sure your website is up to date with all the pest control services you currently offer. Redesign print or social media collateral, ad campaigns, and messaging so they look fresh and new for the upcoming season. Make sure your social media feed is reflective of the image you want to portray.

Gather Customer Reviews

In a recent study 39% of people stated online reviews were very important before making a service provider selection. Ask current customers if they will provide you with a written or video testimonial for you to include in your marketing communications in the upcoming year. Consider software that automatically requests customer reviews after a service is performed. Prospective clients resonate heavily with customer reviews.

Stay Social All Year

Keep in touch with your customers all year long, not just during busy season. Keep them engaged by informing them of seasonal tips to keep their home protected from pests. Alert your customers of any trends you are seeing as an industry expert. Find seasonal tie-ins to keep your business top of mind to your customers and prospective customers. This will pay dividends when busy season starts back up.

Off Season Promotions

Offer a ‘pre season’ bundle or limited time offer on services to your current customers at a discounted rate. By offering them a small discount to commit to services upfront, you have secured future business as well as made your current customer happy they were able to take advantage of a discounted rate.

Another idea is to ask your current clients for a referral. You can then send them a discount offer or gift certificate in return. The result here is that you gain a happy current customer while building your potential customer base. We all know how important customer reviews and word of mouth referrals are in a local service based business.

Be proactive, and take advantage of the ‘off season’ to set your pest control business up for growth and continued success in the upcoming busy season.


Danielle McCarthy joined the WorkWave team in 2018 as Senior Product Marketing Manager for WorkWave PestPac. Today, she serves as our Product Marketing Manager for Alliances and Campaigns across WorkWave PestPac, Payments, Route Manager, and Service as well as supporting our Resellers.