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The pest control industry is evolving with each passing year as new technologies emerge and customer expectations change. Read on as we look ahead at several trends that will impact how you manage your pest control company in 2019 and beyond.

Big Opportunities as the Industry Consolidates

In recent years the pest control industry has been undergoing somewhat of a makeover, as small and mid-sized operations are acquired by larger companies looking to expand their local reach. 2018 was full of headline making acquisitions, most noteworthy being the acquisition of four PCT Top 100 companies in May alone.

With national and international companies buying up PCOs across the United States, it puts smaller operations in a position to rethink their business strategy. PCOs essentially can choose to compete with industry leaders on a local level or take the time to prepare their business for an acquisition or merger. For longtime owners this may be a difficult situation to be faced with, but the market is hot and it might be time to capitalize on it. With over 30 high-profile acquisitions occurring throughout 2018, it’s unlikely the consolidation of the industry will slow down in the years to come.

Customer Engagement Takes Top Priority

Technology has forever changed the way companies approach customer service. What was once a task that ended when you left the office for the day, engaging with customers can now happen anywhere at anytime. From email, to text, to social media, customers now have more power than they did just five years ago. The digital age has created a culture of instant gratification and as such customers have heightened expectations for service providers. A recent study has found that by 2020 the key brand differentiator will be customer experience, no longer price or product.

While customer experience has always been a priority for pest control companies, it should be at the heart of all you do in 2019 and beyond. Engage with customers online via social media and your website and actively respond to reviews (both positive and negative). Use customer feedback to enhance your services and improve your offerings. Your customers are your greatest asset – make sure you are cultivating meaningful relationships with them.

Bundled Packages Will Become the Norm

While the concept of bundling services is far from new, offering tiered packages to your customers can boost profits and help eliminate seasonality. Bundled services provide customers with undeniable value, as they no longer have to pay a la carte for services and avoid repeat visits. On the other hand, your technicians can perform multiple services in a single visit, eliminating the need to spend on gas and wages for separate trips to the same customer. Offering several tiered bundles also allows customers to choose what services best fit their needs and budget.

Your technicians should be well versed in the art of the upsell – while on site they can provide more value to customers by presenting a bundle that covers multiple issues the customer may not have been aware of. This allows your company to bring in more revenue while keeping the customer satisfied with a higher level of service.

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Rick Agajanian serves as WorkWave’s Vice President of Product Management.