Every company that relies on transportation and logistics management wants to be efficient, productive and provide their customers with the best service possible. However, this may be a challenge when your company is expanding or going through transition. That’s where our route optimization softwareWorkWave Route Manager, comes in – introducing our 2019 Buyer’s Guide to Route Planning Software. This revamped resource starts with defining the basics of route planning, and drives you through the process of choosing the right vendor, defining your company’s goals, and getting your company on the right track to best achieve those goals. Not only will it explore how route planning software can help your business succeed, it will also define what an optimal tool looks like for you and prepare you for vendor calls with quick tips, best practices, and checklists.

So, why is route planning important? Essentially, route planning software helps streamline the overall route planning process by cutting transportation costs and maximizing your workforce productivity. Ultimately, these efforts can lead to an improved customer service experience, aiding in customer retention and potentially cultivating a positive business reputation that can help attract new clients. In fact, according to Supply Chain Management Review, a 2015 report showed that 96% of customers said that they would continually buy from a retailer if they had a positive delivery experience. Quick deliveries, flexible delivery options and fast response times encourage customers to to continue returning to your business for the consistent and reliable service.

A major key to saving costs while still providing white-glove service is having your fleet take the most efficient routes to make as many stops as possible while still meeting the needs of your customers and their delivery preferences. The best-in-class routing solutions are powered by smart routing algorithms that can compute millions of delivery scenarios in a short amount of time – and can quickly provide an optimal solution. A report from Businessing Magazine found that route planning software can cut fuel costs by as much as 39%. If your goal is to save time, money, and resources, having the right route planning software tool will help you achieve all three.

Implementing route planning tools is an easy and effective way to take the guesswork out of route planning and transportation and logistics optimization. Your shortcut to a faster, more efficient fleet tracking solution is only a few clicks away with the right route planning software for your business.


The 2019 Buyer’s Guide to Route Planning Software

Learn what route optimization and GPS tracking can do for your business!


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