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It’s every company’s worst nightmare to discover a vehicle has been stolen. Your insurance rates can increase, your business can be held liable, and you could be out money. With car theft on the rise year after year, it’s important to take a look at how you are protecting your business because it could happen to you next.

You need to be able to react fast – like how one company in Kansas City, Missouri was prepared with WorkWave GPS active tracking in place. They were able to locate and recover their stolen vehicle within 2 hours.

Fleet Fact: Did you know? One out of every eight thefts is the result of leaving keys in the vehicle, a statistic that has risen 31% since 2013.

It all started one cold morning when a Reinhold Electric employee left their company vehicle running and unlocked while grabbing a coffee. When he returned, to his surprise, the vehicle was gone.

The employee quickly called their manager, Katie. Her immediate reaction? Log in to WorkWave GPS to instantly locate the vehicle. The team was able to track the truck’s movement in real time, follow the breadcrumb trail and stay connected to its speed and location.

If you don’t already have the tool and technology in place to help recover assets – now might be the right time to put precautionary measures in place. You can start by installing active GPS tracking devices in all of your vehicles. You’ll instantly gain visibility on where your vehicles are — and have peace of mind. With live and historical data available to you, you can track 24/7 and always answer “where is my vehicle?” at any moment.

Want to automate alerts? You can define geo-fence zones, set ignition on/off reports, and know when a vehicle is used after work hours. Just a few extra precautions you might need to put in place when you own your own fleet.

Auto Theft Prevention Tips

Several popular full-size pickup trucks were among 2016’s most stolen vehicles and the FBI reports that in the US a vehicle is stolen every 45 seconds. This puts every business at risk, but that doesn’t mean it’s an inevitability. Here are some ways you can protect your fleet.

  • Never leave vehicles running unattended.
  • Never leave keys in a vehicle.
  • Always lock parked vehicles and roll up windows.
  • Always park in well-lit areas.
  • Never leave valuable items in open view.
  • Install GPS tracking systems.
  • Invest in steering wheel locks, car alarms, and wheel locks.

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