Effectively managing your mobile workforce starts before your team ever steps foot on the job site. Optimizing how you dispatch and manage your crews and technicians reduces downtime in the field and improves how you service your customers. WorkWave Service eliminates the pain in route planning, providing businesses with the flexibility to adapt to changes on-the-fly. This level of control has empowered our customers to operate more efficiently, reduce human error, cut back on expenditures, and increase accountability.

Dispatch with ease

Automate driver schedules to ensure field workers are always utilizing the most efficient routes. Reduce worker drive time by over 30%, cutting fuel costs and helping fit more jobs into each workday. Confidently schedule jobs in narrow time windows. More efficiently manage field crew capacity – days in advance.

Increase Visibility

Gain complete visibility into your mobile workforce. Receive up-to-the-minute insights to eliminate surprises in the field. Effortlessly monitor vehicle and driver locations, alongside their workday schedules to better predict actual time spent on-site.

Adapt on-the-fly

Overcome unexpected issues with ease. Save idle time by rerouting workers to avoid traffic or accidents. Service impromptu jobs which come up unexpectedly by dispatching the closest available worker or crew. Provide customers with updated ETAs – without the need to contact your team. Use real data on the average time taken per service offering to augment current and future workforce schedules.

Instant accountability

Access vehicle history and track historical activities. Ensure drivers are operating vehicles safely. Prevent company vehicles from being used outside of company hours. Receive updates when vehicles are outside specific geographical locations.

Smarter routing can also boost your bottom line, through lower vehicle mileage, maintenance costs, and fuel consumption. Ready to see how route optimization can improve your business? Click here to learn more!