No matter what line of work you’re in, as a business owner your business goals probably include winning more sales and increasing profits. Your first thoughts when it comes to reaching these goals likely include marketing and promoting your business, but it’s important to remember that for the vast majority of your customers, your technicians in the field are the face of your company.

With the added functionality of the right type of lawn care mobile apps on their devices, your lawn and landscape technicians instantly become one of your most valuable tools when it comes to helping you increase your sales and bring in more revenue right from the field.

Adding and Adjusting Services in the Field

While your team is in the field, they’re sure to take note of other services or upgrades that could benefit your customers. Upselling and cross-selling are key elements of increasing your sales, and your technicians are perfectly positioned to offer these services to your customers in real-time. Your customers may even go out of their way to request upgrades or additional services of their own accord; how many times has a customer requested that you trim the hedges “since you’re already here” cutting the lawn?

When these opportunities arise, capitalizing on them gives you a crucial boost. However, it’s not uncommon for these opportunities to be left untouched simply because your technician isn’t looking for them or, just as bad, for the service to be carried out but mistakenly left undocumented and unbilled. Even if you’re offering upgrades or bundled services at a discount, it does you no good to leave that money on the table.

The mobile functionality of WorkWave Service lawn care app allows your technicians to quickly change or add services on the fly, instantly syncing the information from the mobile app with the back office so that your whole team is on the same page. Additional or upgraded services are added to the service visit in real time, including the price of the service and any relevant discounts being added to the invoice.

Bringing in New Leads

A truck and trailer are perfect for getting your crew and gear to a job, but they also act as moving billboards for your lawn care business. When your customer’s neighbors see your crew carrying out a job, or when they see how great your customer’s yard looks, they may be inspired to pop out and ask your team for more information, inquire after an estimate, or even the half-joking, “can you do my yard next?”

Traditionally, your team might scribble the neighbor’s info onto a scrap of paper, hand them a business card, or invite them to jot down the phone number from the side of their truck. But what happens when they decide not to call after all, either party misplaces the note they took down, or someone’s illegible writing stops the process in its tracks?

All of those problems are wiped away with WorkWave Service’s quick and easy mobile lead tracking. A few clicks on their mobile device allows your technicians to take down the potential customer’s contact information and key data about the services they’re interested in; no sloppy handwriting, no missed fields, and no need to manually input the information into your system when—or, realistically, if—it ever makes it back to the office. Instead, the lead is instantly synced with your office software so that you can act on it and get things rolling with your new customer right away.

On-the-Spot Proposals

WorkWave Service also allows your crew to visually lay out proposed services for potential customers on the spot thanks to Mobile Sketch. This feature allows you to quickly outline the area on a satellite image and add markings for trees and shrubs, shade in areas you intend to work on, and even measure square footage for more accurate estimates in the field. Best of all, this visual medium makes everything easy for your customers to process and understand.

Your team can outline good, better, and best options in practically no time, helping them to lock down new sales or up-sell opportunities while they’re in the field. The sketches and diagrams can be shared with the back office, as well, ensuring that the information is always available for those who need access moving forward.

Capturing Data for Your Team and Your Customers

One of the best ways you can improve the quality of the service you provide is by ensuring that every member of your team is on the same page. If a member of your crew calls out sick, will another individual be able to step in without having to waste time compensating for a steep learning curve regarding that day’s jobs? What about if scheduling changes create a scenario where it’s more logical for a different crew to step in and handle a recurring service one day?

With Mobile Sketch, a glance is all it takes to take in key information from past visits. Your team can take photos or access satellite imagery of the area at hand on their mobile device, adding an assortment of text, color-coded freehand drawing, shaded areas, or icons to designate important data. The resulting sketch is automatically synced with your back office and the customer’s profile so that it’s always accessible at a moment’s notice for your entire team.

The result is a situation in which a new crew can seamlessly step in with the same knowledge as the usual crew just by reviewing the sketch. A new employee can also quickly get up to speed, helping to minimize training time and reduce the energy you spend on training new hires. If a customer contacts your office to follow up or to report an issue, you can quickly pull up the customer’s profile and relevant sketches so that you’re informed on what services were carried out and when.

Additionally, you can choose to print or share sketches with your customers so that they’re up to date on the services they receive and any relevant information they should have. This can help to fill a gap in interaction that occurs when services are carried out while your customers aren’t home, particularly when photos serve as a reminder of a completed service and a job well done.

Keep Them Coming Back for More

Carrying out one-time services is a great start, but when it comes to maximizing your revenue there’s no substitute for recurring income. While lawn care naturally lends itself to repeated visits during the busy season, you can’t expect them to stick with you if you don’t impress them from the get-go.

Built in functionality for contacting customers, tracking their service history, logging up-to-date customer notes, and more allows WorkWave Service’s mobile app to give your technicians the edge they need when it comes to providing quality first-time service that your customers won’t soon forget. This sets the stage for an ongoing relationship that leaves your customers impressed and generates continuous revenue for your lawn and landscape business.

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