The world is changing. At one time, networking your business consisted of running into someone you knew or wanted to know around town. It meant introducing yourself and telling someone about your lawn care business. It was conversations over coffee or at the hardware store. Being in the right place at the right time to spread the word about the products and services you offer.

In the digital age, customers are becoming more and more introverted, making it increasingly harder to cultivate these relationships in person. Without this human interaction, many businesses struggle to properly spread word of mouth about their business. Here are three fail-proof tips to help you network your lawn care business, immediately.

Be Social

Noshir Contractor, Professor of Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern, says that research shows people are much more likely to call if someone is not just an expert but also has initiated some sort of social exchange to make others comfortable. Leveraging social media gives your business a platform to reach potential customers in the masses. Take time to show your business’s personality. Use social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to share employee achievements, advertise promotions, videos, and post before/after pictures of your work. In a way, each post is another chance to solidify your presence from the countless competitors who offer lawn care services in your area.

Be Engaging

A strong social presence does not form overnight. It is built by repetitively engaging your prospects and customers over time. Actively posting helps increase this visibility. Get creative with your outreach. Offer valuable insight into best industry practices and topics your customers care about. Every post should not be a hard sell into why customers should use your service. Topics such as ‘how to properly feed and seed your property this spring’ or ‘best practices when mulching your lawn’ exert your expertise in the industry. Sure, you are providing prospects with some little tips and tricks along the way, but they will appreciate your transparency which can increase the likelihood that they reach out should they need service.

Be Consistent

Things get hectic during your busy season. Your crews travel from property to property trying to fit as many jobs as possible in before the end of daylight. It may seem hard to find the time to do anything other than serve customers. A good social strategy is always consistent. Chances are an overwhelming number of lawn customers are thinking about their lawn care services during the season. Being front and center during your busy season is key to staying in front of your customers’ minds.

We hope these tips will help you spread the word about your lawn care services. Ready to take your company to the next level? Check out our Buyer’s Guide to Field Service Software!