Utilizing the Right Management Software

You are experts in solving your clients’ problems of maintaining and improving their outdoor living spaces but, perhaps you may not know the best ways to solve some of your own problems, such as improving efficiency and productivity, through software in lawn care and landscape management. That said, one valid question that we feel business owners tend to ask themselves at some point is whether or not using technology will really help them compete in the current marketplace.

It’s a fiercely competitive environment right now for lawn and landscape, and success requires more than just keeping pace with your customers. You have to outwit the barrage of low-ball competitors, retain your skilled labor, and increase productivity – while keeping product and equipment costs low. Entry into the industry doesn’t demand much in the ways of technology – but improving your customer experience, and building a lean, more productive business through the aid of software, arguably, does.

So, what are the leaders doing? They are focused on customer experience and making sure no opportunities are missed due to inefficient time management or lost leads. The technology that could best help your business will depend on your business objectives and current processes.

Are you looking to attract new business? Some companies are growing faster than others and make it look easy. According to a Lawn and Landscape report published in 2015, the most effective ways to attract new business, after word-of-mouth recommendations, is through social media and leveraging your website. Your clients can find the big companies online, they can schedule a service or request a consultation and check online reviews. Online presence is more important now than ever before as customers are looking online to build trust in your business. There’s technology available to track new leads, automate scheduling, and post reviews, so you don’t miss out on new business, thanks to your lawn care and landscape management software.

Do you want to get paid faster? Giving your clients options in how they pay you can be a huge boost to your cash flow. Online account management and automated billing can save you valuable time, stamps, and money. Smart technology can turn your data into business insight so you can run reports to see your most profitable clients, and which clients you need to prune back to create opportunities for better business growth.

Do you want to increase capacity? Being able to fit in more jobs, assign new jobs to the most appropriate crew or day to maximize productivity, avoid idle time or costly detours, and eliminate distracted driving, can free up a whole lot more room in your schedule. Route optimization technology can be a highly practical solution to increase productivity without burnout. Efficient operations and high-volume customer demand are the tickets to profitability. This boils down to finding a way to serve more customers without hiring additional staff. It’s key to schedule and route more efficiently and reduce labor downtime. Taking away the burden of stress in planning the workload for each crew, and re-routing when the schedule changes may be one of the biggest reasons to consider technology for your business.

Do you want to stand out for customer service? Certainly, the personal service and relationships you build with clients are essential to retaining your existing customers and building trust. This boils down to the crew that goes out to each job, and the ease by which your customers can schedule a service with you. Improving your communication and accessibility to new and existing clients is easier if you can leverage mobile, route optimization, and GPS to know in real time what your capacity is for that day, week, or month.

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The technology you choose to employ to grow your business will have an impact on your business success. The biggest consideration is deciding on a long-term strategy for success by looking at lawn care and landscape management software that will enhance your customer experience as well as solutions that will immediately affect your service capacity through optimization. The great news is that with cloud-based solutions, like WorkWave Service, it’s no longer just affordable for the big companies – the playing field has been leveled.

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As WorkWave’s Senior Director of Product Management, Field Service, Kerry McCane serves as an industry strategist for the HVAC, cleaning, and lawn and landscape industries.