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What’s in a lawn service name? The name of your lawn care business can play a significant role in your success or lack thereof. Take your time when choosing a lawn business name for your landscaping company. The best business names are memorable, inspire trust, and attract customers.

Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re creative, or have never named a business before. Here’s everything you need to know about lawn care business names.

  • Start by Brainstorming Lawn Care Business Name Ideas

    There’s no particular trick to starting. Sit down at your keyboard or grab a pen and a piece of paper. Start writing down ideas. Don’t feel self-conscious. Many of these ideas won’t be amazing – and that’s okay!

    Start with all the obvious names. Variations of the owner’s last name are common. For example, if your last name is Smith, you could call your business “Smith Family Landscaping.”

    Names based on your city or service area are also popular. Try to localize the name as much as possible. For example, name your company after an area of your city instead of the city itself. Also, consider nicknames related to the area such as “Mile High Lawn Services” or “Windy City Lawn Care.” 

    Finally, create some “out of the box” options. Write down any names you can think of, even if they don’t seem workable. The point is to get the creative juices flowing.

  • How Important Are SEO Practices When Creating a Name?

    Search engine optimization is the process of building a website that ranks high in the search results. It involves using the right keywords, creating useful content, and other factors. However, most SEO doesn’t focus on the name of your business.

    However, that wasn’t always the case. Not even ten years ago, a company’s name had a major effect on their SEO rankings. It was common to find lawn care companies with rather unusual names like ChicagosCheapestMowingSolutions.com or AffordableLandscaping.com.

    Fortunately, SEO practices have changed. Search engines now punish unusual, non-descriptive lawn care company names like the examples above. That’s good news because it allows you more freedom when naming your business.
    Instead of looking at the specific name of your business, search engines determine its ranking position based on credibility. Boost your brand’s online credibility by focusing on these three areas:

    • Post new content on your blog regularly
    • Maintain an active social media presence
    • Create an online connection with industry influencers

    Maintaining a high position in the search results is an on-going process. However, the main takeaway here is that you can pick a name for your business without much concern for how it will affect your SEO practices.

  • Consider The Competition

    Before you settle on a name, check out the names of the major lawn care providers in your area. Generally, you want to stay far away from naming your company anything that sounds similar to a competitor. You won’t end up poaching business; instead, potential customers will feel confused.

    For example, suppose you mainly provide service throughout a town called Green Mountain. If a company in the area already has a title such as “Green Mountain Lawn Care,” you’ll want to stay away from any similar company names such as “Green Mountain Landscaping” or “Green Mountain Lawn Services.”

    Instead, go a completely different route. Choose a family name or something else. Don’t worry. You can still localize your business by using specific location names in the content on your website.

  • Set A Time Limit

    While you want to consider a name for your business carefully, don’t fall into the trap of never making a decision. Give yourself a limit of a few days and then commit to a name.

    Truthfully, many people use their last name as part of their business name because it’s an easy way to create something original. While you don’t have to do that, it’s often better to pick a name that works so you can move onto the next steps in starting your lawn care business.

Final Thoughts

Your company name plays a key role in attracting potential customers and establishing yourself in your community. Use the following strategies to create an ideal business name your customers will remember.

Do you still need some help creating lawn care names? Our business name generator will create multiple options to help you get started.

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