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Listening to podcasts is a convenient way of keeping up with industry news and learning new things about lawn care and landscaping. You can listen to the best lawn care podcasts while working or driving if you like multi-tasking.

Here are some of our favorite lawn care podcasts:

Service Business Mastery

Service Business Mastery is a podcast made for lawn care and landscaping professionals. The episodes cover a wide range of topics, including launching a lawn care business. We like the interviews with industry professionals and the fact that the podcast provides a lot of great advice about topics like pricing, planning, setting, goals, customer service, and more.

Spring Green Lawn Talk Podcasts

Spring Green is a large lawn care franchise. The Lawn Talk podcasts are a valuable resource if you want to learn more about best practices for providing lawn care services. We recommend listening to episodes about pest and disease control since they are filled with useful advice.

Landscape Business Course

Landscape Business Course was created by a successful entrepreneur. You will learn more about the strategies and practices that helped him succeed in this podcast and will find out about landscaping and lawn care best practices.

We like the Landscape Business Course podcast because a lot of the episodes mention the creator’s personal experiences, and you will get a lot of advice you can apply on a daily basis.

Lawn Care Marketing Expert

Lawn Care Marketing Expert is a podcast that focuses on marketing and advertising. You will learn about concepts like SEO and digital marketing, thanks to this podcast.

We recommend this podcast because it’s a fun and engaging way to learn about marketing, and the advice is very accessible. We think this podcast will help you grow your business if you apply the marketing strategies discussed.

The Native Plant Podcast

The Native Plant podcast is perfect for extending your knowledge about plants. It’s a fascinating podcast with a lot of educational information about different plant species and advice for caring about plants. It’s relaxing to listen to, and it’s made by people who are genuinely passionate about plants.

1 Day Business Breakthrough

1 Day Business Breakthrough is a fantastic source of inspiration for any business owner. You will hear interviews with entrepreneurs in many fields. The podcast is about innovative ideas and stories about how people changed things in their industry. We recommend this podcast because it will encourage you to think about how you can improve your business.

Beyond the To-Do List

The Beyond the To-Do List podcast is about growth, change, goals, and entrepreneurship. We recommend this podcast because it’s full of great advice about productivity and living a meaningful life. We think it’s a great source of inspiration and will help you make plans to take your business to the next level.

These are some of the best landscaping podcasts we recommend listening to. Don’t hesitate to explore additional podcast categories like marketing or entrepreneurship since you will find that a lot of the advice applies to lawn care.

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