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How do you keep up with industry news? As a lawn care professional, you need to know about the latest products, equipment, and techniques. It’s also essential to always look for ways to expand your knowledge about digital marketing, growing your business, and getting the most out of the new tools available to you.

Here are seven lawn care magazines and news sources that will help you keep up with industry trends.

Irrigation & Green Industry Magazine

Irrigation & Green Industry Magazine covers fields like landscaping, lawn care, maintenance, and similar activities. You will find a mix of inspiring stories about successful business owners as well as practical pieces filled with advice you can apply to your lawn care business. This magazine is also a great source of information about professional certifications.

Landscape Management Magazine

Landscape Management Magazine is geared toward lawn care, mowing, landscape design, and snow and ice management professionals.

You will find stories and updates about major companies in those fields and articles about new products and equipment. We think reading this magazine will help you keep up with the latest industry trends and adopt relevant best practices.

Lawn & Landscape

Lawn & Landscape features in-depth reviews about lawn care products and equipment that will help you make better decisions.

This lawn and landscape magazine will also provide you with stories about major companies in your fields, and help you keep up with important industry events like trade shows.

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Total Landscape Care

Total Landscape Care is an excellent resource if you want practical advice on how to grow a lawn care business. The magazine covers a wide range of topics in an accessible manner, and you will also find content that helps you find inspiration when it comes to landscape design ideas.

Turf Magazine

Turf Magazine has a helpful series of how-to articles that cover common questions new entrepreneurs have. You will learn how to launch a successful business and find useful product reviews so you can invest in the right equipment. You will also find some educational content about landscaping principles and plants.

Green Industry Pros

We recommend reading Green Industry Pros because this online publication feels very comprehensive. You can keep up with industry events, learn about the businesses that are shaking things up in your field, and find educational content that will help you grow your business by answering crucial questions and providing you with actionable advice.

Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance is filled with useful tips and tricks that will help you take your business to the next level. Some articles are written with golf industry professionals in mind, but most of the advice applies to any lawn care business. It’s a great source of information for choosing fertilizers and similar products, and we like the in-depth equipment reviews.

We recommend checking these different news sources on a weekly basis or getting on their email list so you can receive updates. These seven lawn care magazines and new sources will help you keep up with industry trends, learn about new products, and get valuable advice for growing a successful landscaping business.

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