Lawn care blogs are a great way of keeping up with industry trends. We like the blog post format because you can learn something new by only investing a few minutes of your time. We recommend subscribing to the following lawn care websites to receive updates regularly.

Garden Rant

We like Garden Rant because the blog posts are fun to read. Some of the advice is geared toward homeowners, but you will find plenty of tips you can use as a professional. You will find some original landscaping ideas, some educational content about plants, and a lot of useful information about sustainability. We think this blog is an amazing source of inspiration for landscaping designs and sustainable practices.

Spring Green

The Spring Green blog contains a lot of great advice on a wide range of issues. You can subscribe to this blog or use the search feature to find useful content on topics like pest control, lawn disease, or using fertilizer.

Lawn Doctor

The Lawn Doctor blog is a useful resource for finding how-to articles and tips about lawn care. You will find some information about pest control, seasonal best practices, and blog posts that discuss specific lawn-related issues. The blog isn’t updated frequently, but we recommend going through the archives available.

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Shank’s Lawn Blog

Shank’s Lawn Blog is written by an industry professional. This blog focuses on reviewing and comparing lawn care equipment. You will also find useful blog posts about equipment maintenance.

We like this blog because you can learn the basics of maintaining your equipment and use the information to make better decisions when you purchase new equipment.

Ledge and Gardens

Ledge and Gardens is a great place to learn about the important concepts behind landscaping designs. The blog is filled with quality photographs, and you will learn a lot about creating better designs.

You will also learn about new plants and develop a new appreciation for the plants you were already familiar with thanks to the educational content and amazing photographs.

Unique Landscapes

Unique Landscapes is one of the best landscaping websites around. The topics covered include pools, landscaping, and maintenance.

A lot of the blog posts contain useful advice for homeowners, but you will find plenty of ideas you can apply when creating landscaping designs. We recommend this blog because it will help you keep up with popular landscaping design trends.

Story Needle

Story Needle is an excellent blog if you want to learn more about marketing. We recommend it because the content is very accessible, even if you’re new to marketing your business.

You will find a lot of great advice that is applicable to the lawn care and landscaping industry and will learn about important concepts like SEO, content marketing, storytelling, and personalization. You can improve your lawn maintenance and lawn services by learning tips from other blogs.

We recommend subscribing to a few landscaping blogs because reading a blog post only takes a few minutes of your time. You can make reading two or three blog posts a part of your morning routine and explore new ideas that will help you grow your business.

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