Choosing a lawn care service typically requires a leap of faith. After all, customers can’t assess the quality of your work until after you’ve performed your services. Understanding why customers pick one lawn care business over another is key to your success.

If you’re looking to learn how to build your lawn care business and how to get lawn care customers, you’re in the right place. Here’s a closer look at seven techniques that help create a positive impression among new customers.

  1. Create a Clear and Consistent Brand

    Creating a recognizable brand helps you stand out from the competition. Your brand is the personality of your business. It’s your logo, uniforms, slogan, business name, and more.

    When creating your brand, first take a look at the other lawn care services in your area. You want your brand to feel different from the others.

    All branding elements of your business should remain consistent. Use the same logo, color scheme, slogan, font, etc. on everything, including invoices, vehicles, and uniforms.

    Also, maintain a consistent theme. For example, if your company is called Smith Family Lawn Care, then emphasize how you’re a family-owned business. Use pictures of your staff on your signs. Don’t mix multiple themes as doing so will confuse potential customers.

  2. Commit to Punctuality

    Customers prefer punctuality and consistency. Stick to a set service schedule as much as possible. People will remain loyal customers for years if they never have to wonder when you’ll show up.

    At the same time, try to remain flexible, too. Do your best to accommodate any changing schedule needs from your customers.

  3. Treat the First Job as the Most Important

    Customers will form an impression of the work you do right away. Most likely, they’ll continue that impression for the entire time they use your services.

    Give 110% during the first job you complete for a new customer. Doing so helps create a positive first impression. They’ll end up far more forgiving of any mistakes that might occur later on if they think highly of your services in general.

  4. Take Ownership of Any Mistakes

    Accidents happen. Sooner or later, you or someone on your crew will likely cause some accidental damage to a client’s property. You might break a birdbath, run over a toy with a lawnmower, or otherwise wreck something.

    Never try to hide accidental damage. Notify the property owner right away. Also, offer to pay for any repairs or replacement. You might be surprised. Most customers tend to be fairly forgiving.

  5. Create Trust

    Trust is hard to obtain but easy to lose. Earning the trust of your customers involves handling multiple small issues well over a long period. Actions include:

    • Always showing up on time
    • Creating clear, easy-to-understand invoices
    • Taking responsibility for any accidental damage
    • Leaving all gates closed per the client’s wishes

    Also, people trust other people. Showcase testimonials from happy customers on your website and advertising. Lawn care businesses have a unique advantage in that you can advertise your business by placing a sign up in your customer’s yard while you work.

  6. Offer Loyalty Discounts and Rewards Programs

    Almost 80% of all American consumers belong to at least one loyalty program. While most people typically associate loyalty programs with grocery and retail stores, they have a place in your lawn care business, too.

    You have many options. Besides sending thank you notes to your customers, you can occasionally offer some services for free or at a reduced rate in exchange for a longer contract. For example, if your customers sign up for a year of service, you can offer one month of free mowing.
    Bundled services are another option. You can offer reduced rates if the customer purchases multiple services at one time. For example, if your client already wants weekly mowing, offer them a discount on other services like fertilizing or pond cleaning.

    Bundling makes sense for both you and your customers. Your customers get a discount while you save money on operating costs. It’s more cost-efficient to perform multiple services at one location than to drive around town from place to place and it’s a great way to get lawn care customers fast.

    Additionally, people like control over their purchasing options. If you only offer one type of service, people feel restricted. Instead, offer different tiers of service such as budget and premium options.

  7. Stay Organized

    Running your lawn care business isn’t always easy. You have to split your time between providing services and managing your business. Most business owners are far more comfortable with the lawn maintenance aspects of the business than the managerial side.

    Unfortunately, even if you deliver amazing services, customers will feel wary if you appear to run your business in a hectic, disorganized manner. To create and maintain a great impression, you want to appear responsible and organized.

    Simple actions that help project responsibility include:

    • Deliver professional, error-free invoices
    • Track your customers’ needs, so you don’t have to ask for information multiple times
    • Provide plenty of notice regarding any scheduling delays or changes
    • Keep staff consistent for each location as much as possible

    For new business owners, you might have to learn some of these techniques by doing. However, one easy way to stay organized is through the use of field service management software, such as a program from WorkWave.

    It’s lawn care business software that helps you schedule appointments, manage employees in the field, track inventory, create invoices, track payments, and more. You can focus on providing excellent lawn care and landscaping services, while the software helps handle everything else.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to make a great first impression with landscaping and some of the best ways to get lawn care customers, you’ll likely find connecting with new customers is easier than ever before. Expand your customer base and grow your business by making an amazing first impression on everyone you meet.

As your business grows, use lawn care business software to help stay efficient and organized. Contact WorkWave today for a free consultation to see the software in action and learn more about how it can help.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make the best one possible using the tips and strategies above.

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