Once novel technologies, GPS, automated systems, and mobile connectivity have long since crossed over into the realm of commonplace in our everyday lives, and this has saturated many business processes as well. Not all businesses are created equal, of course, and WorkWave wanted to understand, specifically, how those sorts of technologies are improving business processes and customer experience among a specific group–HVAC Service Providers. The 2019 WorkWave HVAC Market Study aimed to ask those questions, and we’re pleased to say that we now have the answers.

WorkWave’s study polled a diverse mix of customers and practitioners in the HVAC industry, finding that almost half of the respondents were looking to improve operations through smart technology adoption. With lower barriers to entry, and predatory pricing practices, HVAC service companies are getting lost in a sea of new competition. With this in mind, it’s now more important than ever to know how to bid on plumbing jobs.

New technologies can help address a laundry list of issues within an organization, but our data has shown that the most successful firms put the customer first in all technology decisions. With that in mind, connecting with customers and providing exceptional customer service is how you obtain and secure consumers in an increasingly complex marketplace.

Fortunately, WorkWave has the tools to help support those efforts. Tools like WorkWave Route Manager makes navigating through drivers’ schedules and performance reports and customer requests effortless. Additionally, the WorkWave Route Manager 360 mobile app makes it easy to stay updated on the go. With the touch of your finger, you can get live updates about your fleet, reschedule when necessary, and contact customers. All of these things make the customer experience more enjoyable; you’ll stay on track and be able to communicate with customers faster and more conveniently. For these companies, exceptional customer service can help lead to more clients coming back for future services and is a pivotal step in ensuring customer retention.

The study also surveyed customers on how they found the service firm that they ultimately chose for a job. 33% of respondents indicated that they hired their service provider through a customer referral. While these findings clearly illustrate how vital it is to promote your business through positive customer service experiences, they also signal the importance of building your brand. With reliable and exceptional service, this makes it all the easier for customers to choose to stay with you, continue to use your services, recommend your company to a friend, and avoid being lost to the competition. You essentially build a trusted relationship with your customer.

Further, customers were asked about their recent experiences with HVAC services. In both positive and negative instances, customers emphasized the importance of quick turnaround times, reliable appointment windows, and single-visit resolutions. To that end, the survey found that 50.9% of customers indicated that the most important attribute to them is sending a technician that solves the problem and gets the job done the first time. This illustrates the importance of smart HVAC software for workforce management in terms of scheduling and oversight, but also in terms of parts management, and on-site knowledge management. WorkWave Service has your back when it comes to managing and mitigating many of these challenges. With sophisticated route automation, smart client and workforce management utilities, and an end-to-end approach to service, in no time you’ll be improving first-time fix rates and customer perceptions.

For HVAC, plumbing and electrical companies, it’s a competitive and increasingly digital world. But by building brand awareness, trust, and establishing your company as true industry experts, you will cultivate digital success and a high efficiency brand.

Looking for more industry insight into software advancements in the HVAC field? Check out the full WorkWave Agency Report by clicking here.


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