As an HVAC owner, you are likely concerned about your primary expenses, like equipment. Too often, owners neglect their HVAC websites. Websites for HVAC contractors are especially critical because there is so much competition in the industry. Prospective customers will likely look through a few pages quickly to try to find the group that best fits their needs.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, “users often leave Web pages in 10-20 seconds, but pages with a clear value proposition can hold people’s attention for much longer.”  

That’s all you’ve got—mere seconds. 

If you want your HVAC company and marketing efforts to stand out, you need to invest in a high-quality cooling and heating website. What should you be doing? Below, we’ve listed the top ten local HVAC company websites along with what makes them the best HVAC websites. 

1. Mannix Heating & Cooling

Mannix’s heating and cooling website keeps the user’s attention by using bold, beautiful colors and images. The color choices are different than those used by other HVAC websites. They’re not overwhelming, but they help the company stand out with this awesome HVAC website design. 

2. City Gas

City Gas creates a value proposition by using buzzwords like “trusted, local company.” The company also mentions some of the certifications it has, as well as reviews from past customers. 

3. Brody Pennell

No matter what page you go to on the Brody Pennell website, you’ll see the company’s phone number. This drives home the point that the company is accessible. If a customer is browsing the website and decides he or she wants to call Brody Pennell, they’ll be able to do so before they think twice about leaving the site. 

4. K.C.’s Plumbing & Heating

This site stands out because it has its rates clearly accessible. It states that there are no hidden costs. Customers can trust that the prices they see are the prices that they’ll get.

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5. My Buddy the Plumber

My Buddy the Plumber stands out because of how appealing it is. The site does well to integrate humor and lightheartedness into its marketing. There are well-placed graphics to help draw the reader’s attention to critical areas on the site as well. 

6. Preferred Home Services

Preferred Home Services has a website that’s sure to wow. The company utilized high-definition pictures on the site, demonstrating a professional and up-to-date appearance. Prospective customers can also complete a service request on the home page directly. 

7. Connor Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.

This company’s heating and air conditioning website demonstrates that you don’t need something overly flashy to connect with the customer. Connor creates a value proposition by placing a picture of the staff directly on the home page.  

8. Wheeler’s Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling

Customers looking for immediate HVAC services will find that Wheeler’s will address all of their needs. The company lists the contact information in the middle of the home page. Customers can’t miss it.  

9. Drips & Drains Plumbing and Heating

This site is the perfect example that less is more. It’s simplistic and does not include too many graphics, pictures, or boxes. 

10. Hydro-Flo

Hydro-Flo’s website is an excellent example because of how organized it is. The company put all of its services in a drop-down menu so that it did not bog down the home page. 

HVAC Website Tips

What do the best HVAC websites have in common? Below are some of the tips to consider and things to include when designing your heating and cooling website. 

  • Demonstrate why you’re different. This is the “value proposition” that NNG talked about in their study. Show customers why you deserve their business. 
  • Allow customers to get in touch with you quickly. Not only should you include your contact information in a spot on the website that’s easily accessible, but you should also have some sort of intake or questionnaire form that customers can complete.
  • Show your pricing. There is some debate about whether you should show your pricing on your website. We recommend doing so. Low prices can attract customers, but high prices can give the appearance of quality. If a customer is going to balk at your cost, you might as well save yourself the trouble rather than chasing their business.  
  • Keep your design straightforward. Readers tend to have short attention rates while browsing websites. You don’t want them distracted while browsing your site. Keep the design simple, crisp, and professional. 

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