No matter how many times you have performed a service, your customer views themselves as unique. They have their own makeup, opinions, (and most importantly) expectations for your HVAC business. They may not understand the ins and outs of the installation process, the HVAC tools needed, or what routine maintenance actually consists of, but they are holding you and your technicians to a certain standard. That standard is the value your services provide to them. So how exactly do you know if you are meeting or exceeding customer expectations? Follow these three tips to make sure you are consistently delivering value to your customers.

Diagnose HVAC issues before you prescribe

When a customer requests services they may have a definitive understanding of what they need, while others may have no clue. Some customers may think they know what services they need only to find they missed the mark. It is your job to cut through the noise, assess their situation, and provide solutions that directly remedy their problem. But are you taking the same approach to your customer interactions? Building value is tied directly to the customer’s motivations. What do your customers really want? Is it time? Convenience? Professional work? Spending time to learn more about your customers ensures that you are continually tailoring your HVAC solutions and services to provide value that is specific to that individual customer. This personalization allows you to deliver value to every customer – no matter their motivation.

Present the customer with options

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. It’s possible that they don’t know anything about the system you are servicing. It’s possible that they called you figuring this would be a routine maintenance visit, only to find themselves responsible for a significant repair. The emotional element of customer interactions presents value. When possible, offer your customer multiple options for service. Clearly explain the pros and cons of each option, as well as what their purchase would entail. Share model and brand information and offer tips to keep things running faster/better/longer. Actively sharing knowledge that helps customers make the best decision for their needs creates more value. This level of emotional validation enables you to build better relationships while guiding your customers to the best services or products for their needs – and helping them feel good about it in the process.

Always follow-up

Although rudimentary, communication is key. It shows you care about your customers, your service, and making sure you are constantly improving. Communicate with your customers before, during, and after visits. Follow up on your original service call. “Hi, this is X Company, we just wanted to check that your X is working as expected.” Identifying what customers are happy or unhappy with gives you clear avenues to improve, and a platform to show you value their voice. Take these suggestions to heart, and consider new services, modifications, or changes to existing policies as a direct result of their direct feedback. Send snail mail to remind them of upcoming services, tips & tricks, or to send holiday greetings. The more active and transparent you are with your customers, the more trust and value you will create.

How WorkWave Service Can Help Your HVAC Business

Whether tracking the quality of your service, rating the performance of your technicians, or generating more business reviews, WorkWave Service’s Reviews Platform gives you the ability to gather valuable feedback; all from the voice that matters most – your customer! Improve your service quality, retain more business, and deliver more value to your customers today.

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