Below you will find 3 different driver profiles who are going about their day while guided by Route Manager. They all take advantage of our vehicle ‘profiles’ feature, which allows Route Manager to set up users based on their specific type of and mode of transportation. This setting within Route Manager allows us to configure a particular user, for example, that may be driving a 26 ft. box truck and needs to navigate only heavy-truck friendly roads at proper speed limits. Or, even a pedestrian setting that allows for the usage of pedestrian or biking paths (rather than roads) in which that user travels at different speeds and has access to roads that cars can’t navigate. We can adjust our back-end settings based on the classification of vehicle/class, weight, height and even mode of transportation.

Let’s Look at 3 Common Profiles:

Heavy Truck

Meet Anthony.

Anthony is a truck driver who delivers materials for XYZ Pool Installations.

Sometimes he needs to take the larger truck and needs to avoid certain roads that restrict the weight, height, width and speed limitations. He’s able to confidently take the correct route with WorkWave Route Manager. Routes are built with this vehicle’s exact specifications and then with Route Manager’s mobile app Anthony can choose navigation through a preferred provider. Now Anthony gets to customer locations on time and doesn’t need to reroute. His boss is happy, because now the business can avoid hefty fines that could occur and added drivetime, mileage, and wear and tear on the vehicle.


Meet Chuck.

Chuck is a foot courier for CDE Courier Company.

He gets high-valued and top-security items delivered on foot. Chuck woke up this morning, went into the office, grabbed his backpack, the first delivery item and set out for his first stop of the day. Being on time is super important to the customer and proof of delivery is crucial for his boss. Chuck is able to keep his day stress-free with Route Manager 360. He simply checks in and out of each stop, collects proof of delivery (signature, photo, notes and audio if needed) to confirm customer receipt. Route Manager is able to recognize that Chuck is on foot – so now he can take shortcuts through parks, take public transportation, or head down one way roads). When you are delivering high value and secured items you need to cover all your bases and have a solid route plan in place. Back at the office, Rose, the operations manager, is keeping an eye on his performance (via Route Manager) to make sure everything’s running smoothly in the field.


Meet Joe.

Joe is a courier for ABC Parcels.

He delivers in Washington DC. ABC Parcels puts Joe on a bike because he can easily navigate the highly congested inner-city streets and one-way traffic. Joe started his day from home, picked up a few deliveries from customer locations, dropped them off and headed to the office to collect the rest of his deliveries for the day. His work is able to be more flexible with him in terms of start times and locations because he is using Route Manager. Route Manager dispatches his approved routes for the day directly to the mobile app and sends back his location via GPS tracking through his smart phone; it takes into account bike speeds and load capacities so Joe’s schedule is accurate based on his method of transportation. ABC Parcels on the other hand is just as happy, their operations manager is able to stay connected on progress and make on-the-fly changes that are synced directly to Joe’s app. It’s a win-win because he is happier and more productive.

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