Advertising is pretty easy these days, with social media platforms and search engines offering programs for creating ads. The best part is that you don’t have to shell out a lot of money to make a significant impact. You just need to know who to reach and how to reach them effectively.

Today, we’ll cover how to advertise a handyman business both in print and digital. We’ll include a few handyman advertising ideas for service professionals and handyman ad samples to point you in the right direction and help you get a wide range of leads.

1. Create a Website

People use search engines to find almost everything they need. Creating an online presence, starting with a website, is an excellent first step for handyman advertising. The more content you have, including your hours, services, and contact information, can create traction for your site and rank you higher in a Google search.

The site itself doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated right off the bat. As long as your customers know what services you offer, cost estimates, at what price (hourly rates), and at what hours you are available, you’re good to go.

Also, make sure the site is mobile-friendly since most customers can search the web from a phone.

2. Build an Online Presence Using Social Media

A website can advertise your services, while social media lets you interact with your customers and build a reliable, trustworthy presence. Using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms, you can utilize photo and video content to reach all kinds of people. A short video clip or a photo demonstrating your services can go a long way.

Consider starting a blog that details the goings-on in your business. You might even teach your readers about different parts of your business. The more your customers interact with your content, the better it will rank in search engines.

You can program Facebook Messenger to answer frequently asked questions automatically, or you can manually answer them yourself. It sends a notification to your phone so that you can answer the question right away, building trust quickly.

Plus, when people put out a Facebook post requesting a handyman, people in their network can tag your shop’s page in their answer. That way, the potential customer can check you out more quickly.

Below is a handyman ad sample from a shop that has Facebook Messenger programmed to answer questions immediately, along with a full list of services and a friendly face next to the business logo.

3. Partner with Local Businesses

Partnering with a local business, especially a better-known one or one that could benefit from your reliable handyman services, can boost your reputation. For example, you could offer to build or fix something for a local business and post about the project on social media. Both businesses should tag each other, so both businesses’ followers can see. Seeing how good a job you did not only draws more customers to the first business but also yours.

Both businesses can create different perks when they reach a certain number of followers. You might donate to a charity of your customer’s choice, or you can host giveaways for every milestone you hit. Perks will not only help engage your customers, but you can also encourage your followers to spread the word and increase your following.

You might also offer to give your partner a cut of the profit for each customer they refer to you. Remember, the partnership is for the benefit of both businesses, not just you.

4. Create Handyman Ads Using Facebook Ad Manager

You can advertise your professional handyman services using specially created ads on Facebook. It’ll help to know your target demographic and what you think will get people’s attention most. You can use video footage of your business, customer testimonials, or special offers to draw people to you.

Facebook Ads comes with templates, so you can select and drag information to create an appealing ad. You can also choose to run an email campaign through Facebook Ads or Mailchimp, where you send a certain number of advertising emails to customers every month.

Again, the most important part is communicating what you do and how people can reach you.

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5. Print Postcard Ads or Business Cards

To reach every potential customer, you might also consider putting out printed ads in newspapers or flyers. Ask if you can tack up flyers around your neighborhood or even at your local hangout. Handing out business cards is also easy since they succinctly detail your business.

Besides sending emails to clients, Mailchimp also allows you to send postcards to your prospects. You can control when and to whom the postcards go out, and you can change the information to match seasonal deals or promotions.

You might also consider printing “thank you” messages on your postcards after servicing a customer. If you’re celebrating an anniversary or premiering a new service, let your customers know via postcard.

Below is a handyman ad sample template from Creative Market, which sums up the entire handyman service and lets the customer know how to reach them.

6. Build a Positive Service Profile

People judge a lot of things, including businesses, based on reviews. Including testimonials or reviews on your website builds trust with the reader.

Follow up with each client and ask for a review, usually on Google, Yelp, or HomeAdvisor. You can post the best reviews on your website, linking the review to the customer. Postcard ads that thank each client for their calls come in handy for this step.

The gist is to be not only friendly but also efficient throughout the whole service. People trust their time and their money to people who can do a great job, so market yourself as such.

Below is a sample testimonial page from Handyman Connections. You’ll see where you can leave a review for the company and what other people have said about the service.

7. Target Seniors and Property Management Properties

You can advertise handyman services to assisted living homes or even neighborhoods where lots of older adults live. What’s great about these communities is that the occupants often talk to one another. They can thereby spread your services through word of mouth and potentially increase your clientele.

Try targeting this demographic by using a picture of a handyman working with an elderly client. You might even create specials just for seniors looking for experienced handymen. The below handyman ad sample from the Handyman Connection website caters not only to the elderly but also shows what a handyman’s skills are.

Similarly, property management companies can refer handymen to their clients. Consider networking with realtors or even with people who own rental homes.

Saving Time and Money with Handyman Software

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Benefits of using Handyman Software

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1. Streamlined Communication: Easily communicate with your clients, staff, and vendors through automated messaging features. This ensures that everyone is kept informed and up-to-date on important information.

2. Enhanced Scheduling: With Service by WorkWave’s handyman software, you can create and manage schedules for your field services with ease. This helps you optimize your workflow and ensure that appointments are efficiently organized.

3. Customer Management: Handyman software provides a centralized platform for managing customer information, including contact details, service history, and preferences. This allows you to provide personalized service and build strong relationships with your clients.

4. Billing Automation: Service by WorkWave offers billing automation features that help streamline the invoicing process, reduce errors, and ensure prompt payment. This saves you time and effort while improving cash flow for your business.

5. Reporting and Analytics: This software provides valuable insights through detailed reporting and analytics tools. This allows you to track key performance indicators, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize your general contractor business.

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In Closing

Advertising your handyman business requires a strategic approach that targets specific demographics and utilizes effective marketing tools. By targeting seniors and property management properties, you can tap into communities where word-of-mouth referrals are strong, potentially increasing your client base.

Additionally, incorporating handyman software like Service by WorkWave can streamline your business operations, saving you time and money in the long run. From streamlined communication to enhanced scheduling and billing automation, handyman software can revolutionize the way you run your business.

By following these steps and incorporating handyman software into your operations, you can effectively advertise your handyman business, reach new clients, and provide top-notch service to those in need of your skills. With the right strategy and tools in place, your handyman business is sure to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Start Using Handyman Software!

Service by WorkWave’s handyman software helps you run your business more efficiently with features such as scheduling, dispatching, reporting, and more.

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