The advent of COVID-19 earlier this year sparked drastic changes in how many companies do business, with an impact that has resonated in nearly every aspect of everyday life for many businesses and their customers. While many things have changed, demand for your services hasn’t.

Essential businesses, like lawn care and cleaning companies, have found that demand for their services is high, even—or especially—during a pandemic. What has changed for many companies is the role played by technology. Some businesses were able to get by with an old-school approach prior to the pandemic, but social distancing and the demand for contactless service have forced any business that wants to survive to take steps toward implementing new technology.

If your company is one that was trying to get by without being reliant on evolving technology, the pandemic may have played the role of forcing you to rethink your approach to software tools. Whether using technology to interact with your prospects and customers is a new approach you took on during COVID-19, or you’ve been making an effort to stay on top of new technology for years, it doesn’t change the reality of your business’s present: your success in the second half of 2020 and beyond will rely on your use of new technology.

So here are 6 steps you should take for the rest of 2020 to ensure your service business’s ongoing success:

1. Use Online Booking to Capture More Leads

Today’s customers are increasingly looking to book service appointments online. When you capitalize on online booking, you provide your customers with the convenience they’re after a recent study found that 29% of respondents tend to book services online, and 40% like to organize their lives “through their smartphone.” Providing online booking is a straightforward way to help new customers find you where they’re already looking.

Online booking also allows you to take on new customers while you’re on the job. Use WorkWave Service to take new online appointments, then end your day by dropping those booked jobs into your upcoming schedule.

2. Increase Sales by Driving Your Online Presence

When new customers come across your business organically—that is, without being referred by someone they know—their first impression is whatever they find online. For many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic cast a spotlight on their online presence or lack thereof. Now more than ever, your potential customers are looking to learn about you online before they ever submit a booking request or place a phone call.

By building your website and staying on top of your business’s online reviews, you can take control of the narrative that potential customers see online and ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward. You don’t need a dedicated marketing team to do so, either. With solutions to help you effortlessly build a professional website and manage your online reviews, WorkWave Service Lawn & Landscape and WorkWave Service Cleaning can help you get the positive attention you need to attract new customers.

3. Update Your Customers With Text Messages

A quick text message to confirm an appointment or let your customers know when your team is on the way may seem like a small detail, but the reality is that these confirmations can help drastically reduce the number of rescheduled or canceled appointments that your business needs to deal with.

4. Send and Approve Estimates Digitally

Now that your customers have experienced a relatively contact-free way of doing business, they’ll expect similar options moving forward. This applies to providing estimates and the bright side is that digital estimates are faster and easier on your team, too.

Taking advantage of smart software to quickly draft up a professional estimate from the office, the field, or anywhere else eliminates wasted time and unnecessary paperwork. Quickly send a digital estimate to the customer, receive their signed approval, and easily turn the estimate into a new job order.

5. Integrate Your Payments Process

Accepting payments from your customers is a late step in the customer’s journey, but it’s a crucial one when it comes to whether or not a customer decides to book with you again in the future. With an integrated payment solution, you can give your customers the benefit of paying in the way that’s most convenient for them. This includes taking card and ACH bank transfer payments in the field, as well as securely storing customer payment data for easier recurring payments in the future. This leads to a more satisfying experience on the customer’s end, as well as a faster cash cycle on your end.

6. Streamline Business Operations With One Unified Platform

Whether you’re servicing residential customers at a single location or large commercial accounts with numerous locations and contacts, too many moving parts make it hard for your business to stay on top of things. With one unified system of record, managing your business becomes much more streamlined and you can spot the areas where your processes can become even more efficient. From customer history to service information, to lead management, WorkWave Service gives you access to pertinent information whenever you need it. Using technology to be more dependable and work efficiently is important, especially when your schedule is so demanding. With WorkWave Service, you can drive your efficiency while connecting digitally with your teams. This not only allows you to thrive during uncertain times but also allows you to ensure your processes are able to adapt as we begin shifting into a new normal. By taking these crucial steps now, you position your service business to continue adapting and thriving no matter what changes come your way next. To see either WorkWave Service Lawn & Landscape or WorkWave Service Cleaning in action now is the time to book your free demo!

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Hosam Sayed is a Product Marketing Manager at WorkWave with extensive knowledge of B2B product and marketing positioning. When not in front of his computer, he can be found spending time with his family, enjoying outdoor activities, and working on perfecting the art of landscaping.