If you enjoy fixing machines as a hobby, it might be time to put your hobby to good use. Every community needs reliable and well-trained appliance repair technicians, and this job cannot be done by a computer or over a telephone. 

Every house and apartment has at least one appliance inside, and they frequently need repair. Going to appliance repair school gives you the skills to fix these ubiquitous small machines. After you finish appliance repair school, you can make an honest living fixing appliances in your community. 

Why Attend Appliance Repair School?

Fixing household appliances is a job that cannot be outsourced. The career is in demand, and the pay is respectable. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, appliance repair people make an average hourly wage of $19.61 and an average annual salary of $40,790. 

Earning certification does not take long. Many programs last about six weeks or a few months. As soon as you finish the program, you can get to work on appliances in people’s homes and businesses. 

Attending appliance repair school is different than attending college or trade school. Appliance repair programs are short, and they do not require apprenticeships. Most appliance repair school graduates can use their training as soon as they graduate or earn their certificate. 

Once you learn how to repair typical home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers, you can choose to further your training and learn to repair furnaces and water heaters, too. 

What You Learn at Appliance Repair School

Appliance repair schooling includes hands-on training. By the end of the program, you will learn how to maintain and repair appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, and clothes dryers. Instructors teach students how these appliances work. They also show them how to troubleshoot and diagnose problems, and then how to make necessary repairs. 

Graduates learn how to make major and minor repairs, replace parts, and make necessary changes to keep appliances working correctly. With appliance repair training, you will also learn how to install new appliances and safely remove the old ones. 

Along with the hands-on training necessary to repair appliances, top appliance repair schools teach their students about business-related topics. Students learn how to work with customers, as well as how to find a job helping customers. 

Some appliance repair schools also teach their students how to start their own repair business. In this training, teachers share tips about successfully marketing a small repair business and how to help customers while running a business. 

Many appliance repair schools offer some online training. However, in-person hands-on lab work is necessary to learn how to make repairs. Some appliance repair schools have real customers, and they let their students practice on those appliances. 

Appliance repair school costs are affordable, especially considering how quickly graduates can get to work. Students who graduate from appliance repair programs appreciate the hands-on training because they will repair appliances in person as their career. 

Benefits of an Appliance Repair Career

After graduating from an appliance repair school, the next step is to put your training into practice. Many graduates look for jobs at home improvement stores, repair shops, or big-box appliance stores. The big-box stores usually provide more training, especially for employees who will be entering people’s homes to fix or install appliances. 

When graduates work for pre-existing businesses in their communities, they immediately start to earn hourly pay or an annual salary. After paying for appliance repair school, graduates appreciate having a paycheck. 

However, if your dream is to own your business, you might have to wait to pay a regular paycheck. Several top appliance repair schools train their students to start and run their appliance repair businesses. If appliance repair is in demand in your community, you could find work quickly. 

Graduates who want to start their businesses might work for someone to establish themselves and make personal connections. Some students might work for another company during the day and then build their business in the evenings. 

What Does Appliance Repair School Cost?

Appliance repair school costs vary greatly. Some programs have prices as low as $250, while others are closer to $2000. Before choosing a program based on price, go around and see whether the course teaches you how to fix one appliance or all of them. Some programs have payment plans, and others have bundling programs to reduce costs. 

Considering how much appliance repair technicians make after graduating, the training cost offers a positive return on investment. Compared to other careers, the ROI is quick, as many technicians make back the cost of training in their first few weeks of working. Well-trained technicians are in demand, so they are paid well for their services. 

If you are looking for a rewarding career doing something you enjoy, the question to ask isn’t how much the training programs cost, but how much are you losing by not enrolling. 

The fact is that every home has appliances and eventually, many of those appliances will need repair. Coupled with the fact that most homeowners cannot fix their own appliances, this means that you will be pretty much occupied throughout your career. And when you are busy, you are making money, which can’t happen unless you enroll. 

Top Appliance Repair Schools

Top appliance repair schools offer online training with in-person work as well as real appliances. If you are interested in attending an appliance repair school, these are several of your options:

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