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How Active Pest Control Uses PestPac RouteOp and GPS with Driver Behavior to Improve Technician Effectiveness

Founded: 1985

Services Provided: Residential, Commercial, Termites, Mosquitoes, German Roaches, Bed Bugs, Wildlife

Areas Served: 12 offices located in metro Atlanta, Georgia, Macon, Georgia and Sugarland, Texas

PestPac Products: Full Suite

Active Pest Control

Active Builds a Customer-Centric Service Strategy with PestPac’s End-to-End Suite of Offerings

For more than 30 years, Active Pest Control, a premier innovative leader in the residential and commercial pest control industries has served residential and commercial customers. Since adopting WorkWave PestPac, Active has been able to increase the number of customers served and complete jobs faster, all while enabling a paperless office. Today, Active has close to 60,000 customers, twelve offices and receives over 750 calls per day.


Continued growth, escalating administrative costs and the need to service more with less became too much to handle without supporting technology and efficient processes. It was often a struggle to answer a call, schedule a service, take a payment in a timely manner, and avoid a queue of waiting customers. Additionally, due to the growth of the fleet maximizing technician time, keeping technicians accountable and safe became leading initiatives.


PestPac RouteOp, Mobile, & GPS with Driver Behavior

To better focus on customers, Active took a different approach than other pest control companies in structuring their business. Consolidating their administration tasks into one office, adopting a paperless environment, and implementing the full suite of WorkWave PestPac offerings allowed them to service more customers with less cost and employees, while also helping increase their revenue.

All paperwork, proposals and contracts are either scanned in at the office or uploaded directly from the PestPac Mobile app directly into WorkWave PestPac saving hundreds of hours of labor. Adopting a “one call resolution” policy using WorkWave PestPac, call center reps can set up service orders instantly and complete a call in less than 3.5 minutes. With the mobile app, all service orders and customer information can be accessed by the technicians. With this information at their fingertips technicians can stay customer focused, offer new services, and receive signatures right from their mobile device.


Calls Completed in
3.5 minutes

More than 5% increase
in signed contracts

“RouteOp is smarter than the human - it does all the thinking for us. We can now answer and schedule calls in 3.5 minutes!”

Kevin Anderson, Executive Vice President

“I love the fact that all the info is centralized - mileage, oil changes, routing information,”

Kevin Anderson, Executive Vice President

“The GPS in the van helped me out today. If I had not been riding 4 seconds behind & looking ahead 15 seconds, I would have crashed when the driver ahead slammed his brakes.”

Matt Frazier, Active Pest Control

“Before PestPac, streamlined call centers, and moving to a paperless environment, we were essentially duplicating services and labor.”

Kevin Anderson, Executive Vice President

Benefits of
PestPac RouteOp

Save hours and eliminate stressful, manual tasks

Increase revenue and profitability with your existing resources

Satisfy customers with on-time arrivals while honoring special requests

Satisfy employees with efficient, more manageable schedules

Why WorkWave PestPac?

Through one complete end-to-end system, pest control businesses are empowered by a fully scalable solution capable of being customized to fit their varying operational needs across all fronts.